Make style changes in just a few clicks with our new 'Theme' configuration mode

  • 6 May 2020
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We are really excited to introduce our new ‘Theme’ configuration mode. Following the release of the ‘Customization’ mode earlier this year we have rebuilt the way on how you can change common styles for buttons, cards, colors and more. Easily adjust the look and feel these styles with just a few clicks. No coding required!


Card styling options in the new ‘Theme’ configuration mode


What can I do with this feature?

:white_check_mark: Manage, edit and preview the design of buttons, cards, colors, fonts and Custom CSS
:white_check_mark: Preview (design) changes before publishing. No more jumping back- and forth between Control and your Community layout.


What is new?

Theme mode
A whole new mode for changing common theme styles. You won’t need the control environment to make changes for your buttons, cards, colors, fonts and Custom CSS.

Card styling
Easily change the design of all card styles elements such as quick-links, featured topics and category cards

Preview every page
You can access and control theme changes on every page of your platform. 


How to get started

Simply sign in to a community account with user role Community Manager or Administrator. Go to the homepage and click ‘Theme’ button and select what you want to change. Of course, we also added some guides and how-to’s to help you get started: 

We hope you like the new Theme configuration mode as much as we do

3 replies

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Great and powerful feature!

First quick feedback:
The quick links are part of the “Cards” settings, but “border-radius” and “border” seem to be hard-coded, so changing these two values won’t change anything on the quick links. The colors are working though.

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Good catch, quick links should inherit all styles from “cards” so we’ll remove the border options from the quick links widget itself

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Feedback for the Custom CSS text field:

Writing Custom CSS often takes up a lot of horizontal space. In Control this wasn’t any issue as the input field expanded over almost the full browser width. Now Custom CSS isn’t part of the Control Panel anymore. And in the new Theme mode, the input field for Custom CSS shows only about 30 characters at once, making it extremely difficult to work with more complex CSS.

I understand the width of the Theme configuration mode works well with buttons and colors. But for CSS this definitely is a deterioration compared to before.

Edit: Changes to the Custom CSS aren’t saved. They appear in the live view, but they aren’t published.