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  • 17 June 2019
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At InSided, we are always looking to optimize the platform for present and future use. The last couple of months several maintenance windows have been scheduled in order to improve stability, maintainability and performance. Although it’s most likely clear that occasional maintenance is necessary hereby we would like to inform you about the underlying reasons of recent maintenance windows;

Main database stability upgrade
During continuous analysis and monitoring of all inSided instances we found that operations on bigger chunks of data could be optimized. In order to mitigate any potential future issues we optimized the performance by putting new settings in place which required a database update. For this update to be successful we planned a maintenance window.

Main database performance upgrade
Our partner AWS occasionally releases new versions of their software and underlying database hardware which requires updates. Running on the latest version gives us and you as client optimal performance for your community.

Upgrade to our improved SaaS platform
Each individual customer that is with us for a longer period of time is recently migrated to the new platform. To achieve this we have planned individual maintenance windows for each of our customers.

Some additional information:
  • Whenever maintenance is planned we will always update all our clients through the status page of inSided. This service proactively sends out a mail to all subscribed users whenever a new maintenance window is planned, started and finished. If you didn’t subscribe yet we recommend to do this as soon as possible
  • Maintenance is always scheduled during off peak hours
  • Maintenance is scheduled as much as possible in bundles to minimize the impact for your users
  • Maintenance windows generally take only a few minutes to fully execute
  • Maintenance windows doesn’t require any changes from clients end and is fully executed by the inSided team

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