Let the emoji fun begin

  • 1 March 2017
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A lot of our customers informed us that many of their users would like to see emoji installed in their community. It’s a great and easy way to express your emotions. As one of inSided’s goals is to humanize digital conversations, we felt that making it possible to post emoji would bring a lot of value.

Emoji are a lot of fun and your community will benefit from this. Users get inspired to write creative posts incorporating emoji. It will surely boost the user engagement and the fun factor will increase as well. 😋

How does it work?
We have replaced the old emoticons with a big and diverse set of emoji. By clicking on the emoji icon in the editor the emoji set will appear.

When you select an emoji, the unicode of it will appear in the text field. When the post published, the unicode will be shown as the emoji itself.

Our set of emoji (unicodes) overrides the ones that can be found in iOS, Android, Whatsapp, etc. If we don’t have a specific emoji available, the original one of the external party will appear.

How to get emoji in your community
To enable the use of emoji in your platform, some small adjustments need to be made by our implementation team. This will take 4 support hours.
To get started with emoji on your platform, send a change request to support@insided.com. Our team will then plan and coordinate your emoji implementation.

Please be aware that emoji is only available on our Responsive template.

Let us know what you think of this feature. In words or emoji… 👴🏼

fyi: the plural of emoji is… emoji
A nice read on this:

5 replies

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looks good, our superusers will certainly appreciate these new emoji's! 😍
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Awesome! I just wrote a blog about Emoji as a 'language of the future' (in Dutch):

So I'm a big believer. Nice to see them incorporated at InSided!
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Great to see more emojis being made available, do we have to pay for those 4 hours to implement this?

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great improvement! In the past, we have received complaints that some of the currently used emojis are hard to differentiate, so this would be a welcome addition to the Community!

However, I would strongly recommend to remove the following emoji style:


This surely will be abused by ranters and detractors, and kinda goes against the idea of having a positive Forum experience. 😉