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Hi all,

For all of you who are joining this Thursday, here’s the latest info on inSpired Innovation Lab! People that join remotely will get a link via email from me in the upcoming days.

Please let us know if you've subscribed but cannot attend. Especially the drinks and bites from 17:45 till 19:15 since we have to reserve this in advance.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! 💁


13:30 Walk-in
14:00 Welcome and Introduction
14:15 Updates from our Product Team
15:15 Community case from Elisa
16:00 Roundtable sessions round 1
16:45 Roundtable sessions round 2
17:30 Drinks and bites at a special location
19:15 The end

If you want to join a specific roundtable, make sure to be on time since we have limited seats per roundtable. First come, first serve! Tokens will be available at the entrance.

Overview of roundtables

Product Roundtable: Community Success Dashboard
Following the members and content dashboard, we will soon develop the community success dashboard. We’d like your feedback on what KPIs we should show and the way they’re represented on the dashboard.

Customer Roundtable: Getting started with super users (hosted twice)
How do I find super users? What should I look for and how do I reach out? These are some of the questions that can be discussed in the super user roundtable hosted by Ditte from Sonos.

Customer Roundtable: Engagement in the community
This roundtable is about engaging users in your community. Let’s talk about how to create engaging topics, how to make users participate and make them return to the community regularly.

Product Roundtable: Content Curation
We'd like to get your ideas on tools we could create to optimise the process of curating community content. This includes identifying the quality of topics, ways of grouping content together for a specific purpose, reevaluating older topics, and ways to leverage the power of your community to reduce the effort of content curation.

Customer Roundtable: Community adoption by your organization
How is your community perceived by internal stakeholders? What are the main assumptions about your community? Discuss with fellow community managers how to get a greater adoption of your community internally.

Customer Roundtable: Best practises in gamification
How to set up a ranking system? Which badges you should you use and how and when do you congratulate users for their achievements? Share your best practises in this roundtable.

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