inSpired under (invisible) construction!

  • 2 November 2016
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Hi all,

In the next three weeks, we will work on some improvements/additions to your community. In this topic you can read about what's coming up.

We have been working on a new design for the homepage, based on our last month's experience and internal feedback. With this, I am happy to show the newest design to you Homepage design

Most important is that we wanted to make it more dynamic and personal. Therefore we removed the static boards all the way to the top, to make them less prominent but still keep them for navigation. On top of the page, you directly see who's been online recently.

In recommended topics, we now added media and #comments & #likes, and we are aiming to replace the third recommended topic by your latest favorite activity. The rest of the page will stay the same.

On the platform there is the possibility to create HTML e-mails, so you have nicely styled notification emails. We created a design for this: Design notification mails

Also, in the next three weeks, we will add the ideation board! 🆒

Happy to hear your thoughts and please let me know if you have any additions 🙂

5 replies

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Gamification is missing!
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Not sure if it's only on my laptop, but it's hard to see the difference between an i and a l with the font that it used here.
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Hi Jolien

Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind sharing a screenshot? The difference on my screen looks alright but might be that I'm used to the font!
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Here you go!

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Great updates to the site! 🙂 Nice to have a lounge area and the ideation board will be very helpful.