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inSpired ideation review Q2 2020

  • 17 July 2020
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inSpired ideation review Q2 2020
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The second quarter of the year has ended, and we wanted to share our second quarterly review to run through the great ideas on inSpired which we investigated, worked on, and delivered in the last quarter. 

The aim of the review is to highlight what’s changed on the inSided platform in the last quarter based on the ideas that you have submitted, voted for, and commented on. We also want to highlight prominent community ideas that are still on our radar.

Quick stats for inSpired ideas in Q2

  • 17 ideas delivered :rocket:
  • 146 votes delivered :dizzy:
  • 46 new ideas created :bulb:
  • 241 replies to ideas :speech_balloon:
  • 351 votes on ideas :heartpulse:

Once again, a big thank you to everyone on inSpired who shared their own ideas as well as voted on other customer ideas. The product team LOVES the insights and feedback you’ve given us over the last quarter :heart:

Ideas we delivered

We’re happy to share that the following 17 ideas you submitted on inSpired have been delivered or partially delivered, with a total of 146 votes delivered in Q2 2020. :tada:

Thanks to all of our brilliant idea contributors :clap::
@Ilse @Rodion @Ditte @josh-sp @Jurgen @EricF @OVOdarran @mafe.pelaez @Tanja @Ben Anthonisz @James Scott @freydrew 



What’s next?

You can expect more updates on your ideas - we’re about to start on our quarterly review of all the open ideas here on inSpired. This also means that we will be closing more ideas, most likely because:

  • We don’t see much demand,
  • It doesn’t fit our vision
  • Or we want to improve something in a different way.

We are also looking into new ideas which we can implement in the future. These ideas will be marked as ‘under construction’ when we are actively working on them and will be communicated via the roadmap updates.

Separately to this update, we’ll publish a review of all of the top open ideas on inSpired with a short update about them.

If you have any feedback, ideas, or thoughts around our ideation process please share them with us, and help us build a better product!

4 replies

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Thanks @daniel.boon -

Super excited to hear about how your punting of ideas goes. We are getting swamped at the moment, and we will need to start putting some on ice, but of course are nervous to do that. LMK how you get on!


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It looks like I can’t access any of the ideas linked above because they’ve moved to the new Ideation area. (I get an “oops, you don’t have access to view this page” message.) If I visit the new ideation area directly, then I can search for the idea and view it.

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@lilakmeyer  thanks a lot for your reply. You're right indeed this is linked to us migrating to the new ideation module. We are working to have in place a redirection from old ideas to new ideas to avoid these error messages. Of course, I'll keep you in touch once it's done :)

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@lilakmeyer By the way we fixed it a few days ago. Should work fine now :)