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inSpired ideation review Q1 2020

  • 17 April 2020
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inSpired ideation review Q1 2020
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The first quarter of the year has ended, and we wanted to share our first quarterly review to run through the great ideas on inSpired which we investigated, worked on, and delivered in the last quarter :bulb: 

The aim of the review is to highlight what’s changed on the inSided platform in the last quarter based on the ideas that you have submitted, voted for, and commented on. We also want to highlight prominent community ideas that are still on our radar.

Some quick stats for inSpired ideas in Q1

  • 12 ideas delivered
  • 25 new ideas created
  • 80 replies on the new ideas
  • 99 votes on the new ideas

A big thank you to everyone on inSpired who has shared ideas and voted on other customer ideas - the product team really values the insights and feedback you’ve given us over the last quarter :heart:


Ideas we delivered

We’re happy to share that the following 11 ideas you submitted on inSpired have been delivered, with a total of 121 votes delivered in Q1 2020. 🎉

Partially delivered

We also worked on the following 2 ideas and provided parts of the idea or delivered a solution that allows you to achieve the same result:

Most popular ideas (open/recently delivered)

Here’s a quick update on the most popular open and recently delivered ideas (sorted by votes) on inSpired.

1. Schedule an article to be published on a specific day (46 votes / 🚀 Delivered)

After we delivered manually awarding badges, this was the next top idea on inSpired. We shipped this last quarter (check the announcement for more details) - we hope you’re finding this feature useful - we find it very handy on the inSpired team as well!

2. Front-end moderation by users (31 votes / Open)

We have discussed this idea again but don’t have any concrete plans to work on this. Our current priorities for moderation improvements lay with improving the workflow and ease of use for moderators in Control. Watch this space!

3. Private Messages: Enable attachments (30 votes / Open)

We did a technical investigation for this and came to the following conclusion: Attaching images to a private message is complex and requires significant development investment to achieve. This is because the attachment service (for topics and replies) is connected to topics, and can’t easily be reused in private messages. We do not have any concrete plans to work on this.

4. We should be able to include images/pictures in pms (28 votes / Open)

Much related to enabling attachments for private messages: We invested some time and resources to build an internal proof of concept around this idea. Based on the learnings from the proof of concept, we decided to postpone the realisation of this idea as we wanted to invest in other product capabilities and improvements in the last quarter. At this point we don’t know when we will be working on this idea (again).   

5. Sent and deliver rate of notifications (27 votes / Open)

We don’t have any concrete plans to work on this at the moment. It’s something we might consider looking into as we invest further in this area of the platform.

6. Block offensive words when creating threads (26 votes / Open)

This is something we will investigate this quarter, but we’re not yet able to commit on a concrete time for how or when we’ll deliver this.

7. Ability to move subforum to another category (24 votes / Open)

We plan to tackle this very soon - make sure you’re subscribed to the idea for updates!

8. Changing the order of featured topics (23 votes / 🚀 Delivered)

We delivered this idea this quarter together with the release of the new homepage configuration experience. We developed a new brand new featured topics widget with some new perks:

  • Drag & drop reorder topics in whatever way you want

  • Feature an unlimited amount of topics

  • Determine if topics should display as a large or small card

  • Add a title above the topics (optional)

  • Add a call to action button below the topics (optional)

What’s next?

You can expect more updates on your ideas as we are currently working our way to review all the open ideas here on inSpired. This also means that we will be closing more ideas, most likely because:

  • We don’t see much demand,
  • It doesn’t fit our vision
  • Or we want to improve something in a different way.

We are also looking into new ideas which we can implement in the future. These ideas will be marked as ‘under construction’ when we are actively working on them and will be communicated via the roadmap updates.

For instance, this coming quarter, we’ll be paying particular attention to ideas that improve moderator quality of life.

If you have any feedback, ideas (see what we did there? 😉) or thoughts around our ideation process please share them with us, and help us build a better product!

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