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  • 8 December 2017
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Hi all!

During the inSpired event we announced our plans to release the first inSided Community Analytics dashboard.

With inSided Community Analytics we want to give you insights in the health and the performance of your community. We are aiming at providing you both with tactical, operational and strategical dashboards.

To make sure we can focus on building the best dashboards, we have decided to use an external BI solution, which we will integrate into our platform. A 3th party platform allows us to move faster and provide dashboards with a richer functionality.

Our aim is to deliver the first 2 dashboards in January 2018, and then continuously add more dashboards. All of our customers will automatically get access to these dashboards from within the Control environment. The first dashboards we will deliver are the Content and the Members dashboards. Next up in the planning we have a Community Success dashboard.

So what’s next?

We will start designing the next dashboards soon. We are expecting our community of customers will be the leading voice in deciding the dashboard themes.

Tell us in the comments which dashboard themes we should look at. Provide us with the KPI’s you want us to track, and the learnings you want to get out of them..

For example:
KPI: % of answers posted by community staff vs. % of answers posted by users
Why: I want to know if my community is activated, so if customers are helping each other or if staff engagement is still needed

Please also have a look at this ideation topic for a good example of a dashboard suggestion.

10 replies

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Hi christoph,

These are the KPI's i would also like to have in Qlik:

  • Amount of topics and responses filters by type of user. For example i like to know what my super users and product owners are doing.
  • Customer-help-customer rate
  • Total amount of activated accounts (not only registered). Also to monitor fake accounts
  • Conversion funnel
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Agree with @Tanja on these metrics, all super useful to help us manage our active/superusers and also map peer to peer support much more easily.
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Even though it was to be expected, I am happy to hear that you find the dashboards helpful. :)

I just had a chat with my colleagues about the possibilities to track superusers via the dashboards...

One important thing to mention is that the (first) dashboards will follow the primary role of a user, and not the assigned role or rank. This has to do with the way the system works: Every community is using different roles or ranks, so the dashboard would not be able to pick that up (and display it) properly.

This being said, we have agreed that it would make a lot of sense to add another primary role for superusers. Then you can assign this primary role to your superusers, and follow every step of their activity. It then could also be possible to give certain extra rights to the superusers due to this improvement (e.g. front-end / light moderation rights, just to name an idea). I will keep you updated on the process regarding this.


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The KPIs mentioned by @Tanja are very important!

Let me add some extra ones:

  • # topics à dimensions: by users (normal, power users, fake accounts), by moderation team, by category and topic status
It would be very helpful to also have a dashboard that correlates the number of topics created by hour and weekday. Objective: understand the period when more questions are asked

  • % topics created by the community
  • # replies à dimensions: by users (normal, power users, fake accounts), by moderation team, by category and topic status
  • % replies given by the community
  • % of questions “marked as best answers” à dimensions: by month (and accumulated) and category
  • # visualizations, comments and topics à dimensions: by month and topic status
  • # registrations per month
It would be very helpful to also have a dashboard that correlates the number of registrations by hour and weekday. Objective: understand the period when we have more registrations

  • # active users à dimensions: week, month (and accumulated)
  • # of users in each ranking group
  • # of users that have won each badge
Hope it helps 😀

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As posted in Ideation, what I'd like is in depth Like analytics.

- Liked Posts vs Nonliked Posts %
- Liking percentages and trend per role
- Being liked percentages and trend per role

- Sense of community

And it should be possible to exclude from any dashboard the purged and deleted topics and topics in certain sections and sub forums.

See also:
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I'm trying to understand some of the analytics data. Total members, is this registered members? I.e excludes any accounts still in "users awaiting email confirmation state? Does seem right to me......we dont have 18k users? Also not sure why this has added the image twice.......

@Julian @christophrooms
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Hey Darran!

The image is being added automatically, but as this takes 2-3 seconds I assume you might hit the "add to post" button for it before that happened!?

About your actual question: :)

Yes, this currently includes unverified accounts. We were having some internal discussions on how to handle these unverified accounts in general (outside of the Analytics tools) - due to this we did not handle this by now, but expect that we will exclude all unverified accounts in the Dashboard as soon as possible.

Hope that helped!


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@Julian Ok thanks for your reply re the analytics, the dashboards are so good to a point but then things like this mean we cannot use that data in our reporting as its not actually correct.

Yes of course we can export, but time is money and if this chart could just show the total "registered" users for example, then it would ideal and a more true reflection of genuine sign ups etc.

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Hey Darran,

yeah I see what you mean, we of course also would like the Dashboards to be as precise as possible. We surely do not want you to fiddle around with the exports too much if the Dashboards can give you the right information at a glance! :)

See you tomorrow!


How do we pull data into the Engagement Dashboard if we are using a different CRM than Salesforce? Can we do it using Zapier or using the APIs? I don’t see any documentation on this and this article is 4 years old. 


[Edit; I found a more recent article]