inSided officially launches in the USA!

  • 30 January 2017
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Hi all,

I'm very happy to announce that earlier this month we have successfully launched our US operations. In the past months we have worked hard to recruit a team, set up the administrative infrastructure and training our new employees. We have already launched 'under the radar' on January 9th, but today was the big announcement. You might have seen the press release and blog post come by, if not:

  • (Dutch)
  • (English blog post by our CTO & Co-founder Wouter)

We are all very excited for inSided to make this next step and believe it offers a great opportunity for our company to grow further and get more awesome brands on board to build successful communities with. It will also help us better to work with brands that (partly) operate in the US timezone such as Sonos and Soundcloud :)

We are starting this exciting journey with a team of 5 people and hope to quickly expand from there. I have moved to The Big Apple earlier this month, and Martine who has been working for inSided for almost 5 years will join as a Customer Success Manager per March 1st. In addition we've hired 3 locals: Lucy & Anatole will will be responsible for business development and Ben is responsible for Marketing.

Our office is in the Flatiron / Chelsea district in Manhattan, otherwise known as Silicon Alley 🙂

Great place to take some selfies 🙂 If any of you is ever in New York feel free to come by and have a coffee / tea / beer with us in the office!

2 replies

Thanks for sharing and love the photo, looks like a winning team 😃
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Congratulations!! Great progress!! :D:D:D:D