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'Insert Video' will change to 'Embed Media' this Friday (1st June)

  • 29 May 2018
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Heads up! 📯

On Friday 1st June, we plan to change the 'Insert Video' button in the WYSIWYG community editor to a generic 'Embed Media' button.

This post is an early announcement so that you're not surprised when this suddenly changes in the editor.

To learn more, check out the basic explanation of the changes below - you can also let your superusers know in advance!

Why's this changing?

We want to expand the types of media that people can embed on the community to formats other than video, such as music.

In order to make this discoverable to your community members, we need to make a few changes to the interface.

How will this look/behave?

The most noticeable visual change will be the icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar, which will change from a video icon to a generic 'media' icon. You can see a mockup of this change below.

As of Friday 1st June, we'll support the following platforms through embed media: YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer, Vimeo, Dailymotion. When you add supported URLs from these sites into your post using the embed media button, the embedded content will be rendered in your post.

We plan to support more platforms in the near future, based on your feedback. For example, Slideshare.

Please comment below if you've got any questions or feedback 😁

7 replies

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Advance notice - I ❤ it!
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Cool! No word on Ping yet?
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Cool! No word on Ping yet?

Not yet I'm afraid - will keep you posted!
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Update: this change is now live 🍻.

One note: you might notice that in the mockup we're displaying a tooltip on hover of the button in the toolbar. We plan to improve the WYSIWYG toolbar by adding these hover tooltips in a separate update, to make the options (and keyboard shortcuts) crystal clear for end users on desktop devices.

Please leave any feedback you've got in the comments 😀
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Just testing 🙂
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I’d love to be able to embed a video from Loom —

This could even be done if it was possible to embed custom code within a post because Loom will create this code for you.