Homepage configuration page in Control moved to a new place

  • 27 November 2018
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In order to make the homepage configuration more visible and easier to find we put it as a dedicated link in the Control Menu structure.

You can find the Homepage configuration under Platform > Homepage (previously it was filed under Control > Forum Settings > Forum Structure > Edit Homepage)

This change is already in effect.

2 replies

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Hi, can I change border and remove the shadow on search bar? https://prnt.sc/p458x6
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It is not possible to remove the border and shadow on the search bar via a setting. The search bar is an element that is used in multiple places in the platform. Making changes to this element means that these changes will be applied everywhere. For this reason we don't recommend removing the border of the search bar. If you do so the search bar will not be clearly visible on your topic pages.

Removing the shadow requires some 'advanced' customization, if you follow these steps you can remove the shadow.

1. Log in to Control and navigate to Settings > Third Party Scripts
2. Copy and paste the following code in the Before < /body> input field
 < style>
input[type=search].search-box__input {
box-shadow: none;
< /style>

3. Save changes