Embeddable Widgets Now Available

  • 6 April 2018
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Embeddable Widgets Now Available
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We’re happy to announce that embeddable widgets are now available for all Branded customers!

What’s available? 🎁

The embeddable widgets are a set of easy-to-install components that enable you to extend the reach of your community content and enhance your webpages.

Two widgets (pictured above) are now available:


  • The conversational widget floats above the page, providing help to your customers, right where they need it.
  • The in-page widget enables you to display community content directly within any page.

In Control, you’ll notice a new ‘Embeddable Widgets’ menu option. From here you can:



  • Access your embed code for installation.
  • Configure the look and feel of the widgets (and preview the conversational widget).
  • Optimise the search results for the widgets.

📌 Please note: the embeddable widgets are only free to use up until a certain level of usage. See 'Pricing' below.

Want more info/instructions? Check out the FAQ and How Tos below 👇







How Tos

Thank you to our early adopters ⭐

I’d like to thank our early adopters/trial customers for their feedback and enthusiasm: both those who’ve already got the embeddable widgets live on their websites and others who are currently preparing to go live with the widgets:@Riina@Paula V@Thomas@Laura @Jade@Niels Kamper@tomasmouton@Sivan

The insights we’re gaining from your feedback are really helping to shape the product!

Want to see the conversational widget live on some of these customers' websites? Check out these pages!




Pricing 💸

You can use the embeddable widgets for free up to 100,000 ‘appearances’ per month. Get in touch with your CSM for detailed information about pricing and usage.



Up next and in the future for embeddable widgets

Our focus for the near future:




  • View the full details of a topic in the Conversational widget.
  • Enable users to rate the helpfulness of a topic in the Conversational widget.
  • Preview and configure the In-page widget from Control.
  • Define specific topics to appear in the widgets on specific pages from Control.

We’d love to get your feedback on this new feature! Please reply below with any comments or questions 😎.


5 replies

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Cool! I can't find it in Control (of our non-live Branded template) though. Following the instruction:

  1. Go to Control; Embeddable Widgets; Embed Code.
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I've seen some examples of the embeddable widget and can already give some feedback :)

Optimizing the search results is key. Lately, we’ve been using Label ID’s to add a star rating to topics. Early results suggest that 60% to 80% of all topics don’t feature a helpful answer, are 1 for 1 or otherwise not suitable let alone recommended to show in search results. In my opinion, these should be filtered out from the embeddable widget (and also from the “related topics” widget and search results in general).

There are multiple ways to tackle this, but I think efforts should expand from the current ranking system and the ‘words to exclude’ feature. Pinning results (as if they were a sticky topic) and filtering by moderation label or moderator tag are just a couple of ideas.

Other than that, kudos on the design, execution and documentation of this feature from what I've seen!
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Cool! I can't find it in Control (of our non-live Branded template) though. Following the instruction:

  1. Go to Control; Embeddable Widgets; Embed Code.

We'll get on the case to enable the widgets here Jurgen!

And thanks for your feedback, as well as your insights into how you're filtering out content that can't be reused to help others - we agree that getting the content right is essential. 😀
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we're looking to implement the widgets, but have issues with:
  1. Duplication of widgets: "It's not currently possible to install the in-page widget without also having the conversational widget active." --> this means that with extra code on our page we have to hide the conversational widget. The widgets need to be manageable separately.
  2. Font Family: the font displayed with the widget is not the font defined for the community. I.e. we defined Fruitiger for the Community, but the font delivered through the widget is "Robots". This needs to be consistent with the defined font.
  3. Configuration: additional options to manage are needed - margins,
  4. Search results: +1 to @Jurgen, accuracy is key.

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Thanks for the feedback @Florian!

Points #1 #2 and #4 are clear to me - could you provide a bit more detail on point #3, concerning additional options you feel are missing on the styling configuration?

Would be great to hear which options you'd like and why they're important to you 🙂