Customize your homepage layout with drag and drop and visibility toggles 🎨

  • 28 October 2019
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We’re making improvements to the homepage configuration page in Control. This has been done to help you to change the look and feel of your community homepage more easily. 

With the new changes you can:

✅ See all homepage widgets
✅ Determine the position of which widgets should display with drag and drop 
✅ Enable and disable the visibility of a widget (toggle on/off)

Test first: Consider using your staging environment first to test and try your changes before applying them to your production community

Changes to your homepage may take a few minutes to become visible - this is done for performance reasons (due to the front-end caching engine of the platform).

These improvements will be added to your Control environment on Tuesday October 29, around 12:30 CET.

If you have feedback, suggestions and/or ideas let us know in the comments below👇

Update: The improvements are now available in your Control environment

4 replies

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I really like all the self-service functionality given to the the community manager - looking forward to trying this out :thumbsup:

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The homepage improvements have been rolled out to your control environment. Go to Control > Configuration > Homepage to enable/disable homepage widgets and drag/drop them in your preferred order. 

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I finally made some time to explore these new options. Thanks for giving us more customization options!


I’d love it if the Navigation Bar could be repositioned – this is the one thing that I think most of our community members don’t see because it’s so far removed from the rest of the clickable content.

So, right now, it looks like this:

I think people can’t find the menu nor can they find where to write a post with the Navigation Bar so high up. And if they have closed that Introduction Bar at some point, they wouldn’t see the blue button saying “Ask your question.”


Here are a couple mock-ups of potential designs I’d like to try, to improve the community member experience:

This one includes the Statistics Bar
This one doesn’t include the Statistics Bar


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Thanks for your feedback, very clear and nice visuals! 🙂 At this point, we do not offer the possibility to change the position of the navigation because we do believe that the header and navigation should act as a whole and should consistently be on top of every page of the community. We’ll keep your feedback into account as we’re still working on (improving) homepage customizations