Customer Education Feedback and Suggestions Wanted

  • 19 July 2021
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As the Customer Education Manager at inSided, I’m interested in learning more about what kind of education our customers are looking for. While I may have my own ideas, I figured I’d bring a poll to the community and ask our users directly. 

I’d like to understand what kind of education you need in order to make your community successful. Maybe more knowledge is needed around platform configuration, integrations, community management, or best practices. Or maybe I’m completely missing the mark! 

 I have included some ideas in the poll to get us started, but I’d love to learn more about what our customers need and why. :innocent: If choosing one of the ideas below, can you provide additional details on what you’d like to learn? 



Based on your feedback, I will create educational content in the form of webinars, articles, videos, etc. 



What topic would you need excited to learn more about?

2 replies

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Registration strategy, super users & gamification would be good content to build out more.

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Groups, and superusers for me. Both are focuses for the year ahead :)