[Coming soon] Improvements to dashboards

  • 18 November 2019
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First of all, thank you all for your input, questions, and feedback about our dashboards, whether directly to the product team, on inSpired, to support, or to your CSM.

As a result of your feedback, we’re investing time to improve our dashboards, starting with a full audit of how we process and query the data. We’re also planning to make our documentation clearer and more complete, as well as changing how the dashboards interpret the underlying data. 

🎯 Our objective is to ensure the data shown in the dashboards is transparent, reliable and in line with your expectations.

What you can expect:

☑️ #1 Improved documentation, making the filters and metrics fully transparent and easier to understand.

☑️ #2 (Possible) changes to dashboard metrics/filters that are not working as we expect.

☑️ #3 Changes to dashboard metrics/filters that are not working as you expect (according to your feedback to the product team, and common queries we’ve received at support/CSM).

📅 We’ll give you upfront warning (at least 7 calendar days) before rolling out any changes to your dashboards that have a significant impact.

The main recurring feedback we’ve heard regarding your expectations of how the dashboards should work is that they should reflect the current state of the community, rather than ‘what happened at the time’, which is a separate (less-needed) use case.

For example, right now if a topic is created in category X, and then later moved to category Y, the dashboard will still show represent the topic in category X. Based on your feedback, we believe the dashboard should update to show category Y (i.e. the category the topic is in right now, rather than the category the topic was created in).

One thing to note: we’re not focusing on adding new metrics or new dashboard features until we’ve reached our above objective concerning transparency and reliability.

Please let us know if you have any feedback for us, or if you have any other general questions about the changes we’re planning for the dashboards.

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Looking forward to seeing the improvements