Check out our new Members dashboard!

  • 29 March 2018
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Check out our new Members dashboard!
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Hi all,

our second Dashboard is out, and this time it is all about the members of your community. 🙌

This Dashboard will provide you insights on the most important things you want to know about your community members. Go to Control > Analytics > Members dashboard to see it.

General KPIs

This overview will not just show you the total amount of users on your community, you will also be able to see the amount of new registrations, also how many members actually engaged in your community. The rank change indicator will inform you on the performance of your activation. All these KPIs will calculate the change compared to the previous period (in case you have selected a time range).

Engagement gauges

The amount of members that made at least 1 post (topic or reply), also known as ‘engaged members’, is shown in the left gauge. The right gauge is all about the amount of members that activated their account. Both gauges display data over the selected time range.

Members and Rank tables

These tables display more detailed information on the members and ranks in your community. Top members lists the best performing members in your community based on amount of posts. Ranks list the amount of members per rank.

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We'll add more data over time to the members dashboard. Think about newest registrations and more detailed members and rank tables. If you have ideas for data please let us know in the comments below 👇


7 replies

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He @Julian, cool new dashboard!

I have some questions and tips though about this and the previous dashboard.. 😋

Content Dashboard:
  • activity per user role: this is only the amount of topics, not replies. Why?
Members Dashboard:
  • 'total amount of members' differs from amount members shown on community. Is this because the 'not activated accounts are here included? Because that makes it less clear. The percentage activated does not show a number.
  • Is 'new registration' in or excl. activated accounts? I think excl? Makes it confusing.
  • Would like to see totals of created topics en replies from a specific Rank (not only user role.
  • Would like to see the customer-help-customer rate
  • Would like to see the conversion funnel
Would it be possible in the 'far' future for CM's to adjust or make a dashboard for themselves, from parts of the other dashboards? The same way you can save a 'filter' in de overview in the left window.

Groetjes, Tanja

Oh and, i don't understand the 'date' marking in this:
- it should say day's or weeks, or months right?

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Hey Tanja,

that's very valuable feedback, thanks a lot for sharing it! :)

As I have not created the member dashboard myself, so I will have to forward feedback on this dashboard to my colleague.

Regarding "activity per user role" in the Content Dashboard: That's a good catch! Will look into it, could be that there is a small mistake in the formula in the background. I will update you once we have figured that out.

About your tips: I am working currently on a success dashboard, which will include those items. 😃 You will be able to see the activation funnel, p2p support, and a few more interesting KPIs. Ranks is a very tricky one though, as this differs between each community, so I rather looked into different levels of activity (e.g. posts + topics > 100). I'll try to improve it as much as possible so that it will fit your needs!

I will come back to you once I have brainstormed about your feedback with some experts. :)


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We had a bug in our dashboards, so I can reach the recent data in this and the other dashboard since yesterday 🙂 I’m impressed.

About the detailed table views: it’s nice to see something discussed a few months ago come into fruition. The gripes are gone. Thanks @Yoeri!

Some comments:

- Displaying, filtering and sorting seem to work fine across the board. Both dashboards are now much better integrated than before. Even labelling seems improved. Thanks for the attention to detail.

- Not sure if others are seeing this as well, but the in the detail pane the ‘Solved by user’ statistic is not working properly. It seems to show whether or not the user has answered a question topic, not how many. How many of their comments are marked as an answer is very valuable information to me!

- Ideas: 1) The ability to export to PDF would be a very welcome addition to these dashboards. 2) In Adobe Analytics you can copy paste a table to Excel, which is very user friendly. In Insided’s analytics dashboards, you can’t select anything so you have to resort to a screenshot or typing yourself. I can post both ideas in Ideation, but I don’t expect more than 2 votes to be honest 🙂
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I like it! Very nice feature to follow the most active members especially. 😃

One question related to the "Members with at least 1 post percentage". How is this calculated? Is it a percentage of total members?

For us this seems to usually give 0-1% as we have over 100 000 members from 10 + years, but we're only talking about hundreds of users creating content on monthly level. As a percentage I think calculating this of logged in users would be more useful to show.

Also the total members number is always the same no matter what custom date range I choose from the past. Bug or doing something wrong here?
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Hi all! :)

Thanks again for your feedback!

@Riina regarding your question: No you are not This chart indeed refers to the total amount of users. I see why this percentage should better be compared to the active userbase (as in "logged in"), as especially bigger communities will not have much added value from this number. I will forward this to my colleagues, so that we (hopefully) can present a more valuable calculation here.

@Jurgen happy to see that the improvements are being appreciated. 😃 I will investigate the potential issue with the "solved by user" kpi, so that this can be fixed if necessary. I am not sure if the "total member" kpi is supposed to change depending on your selection. I will ask my colleague about this.

I also recognized the limitation of not being able to highlight/copy text from the dashboard. This obviously has to do with the filtering feature of our dashboards, I am not sure if this can be improved.

I remember that we had the idea to offer an exporting function in the future... This however will probably be a bigger task to implement. I will discuss it once more with my colleagues to see what's the status with this.
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Hi, Julian

I see the difference total members in admin panel and the site
I think it’s associated with spam attacks that were in July. Can you fixed it?
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Hey Alena,

Ya on the homepage of the community we only show the total number of activated accounts while in the member dashboard its currently showing all accounts; activated and unactivated. So thats where the difference comes from. But we will be fixing this soon, so the member dashboard will only be showing data from activated accounts.