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  • 12 November 2019
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We’ve added an advanced functionality to the Homepage customization page in control that allows you to add custom HTML.

This is the latest feature we released helping you to change the look and feel of your community homepage more easily. Learn more about other customisation features:

With a HTML widget you can:

✅ Add HTML code to your community homepage to create custom views such as banners, video’s, call-to-action buttons, basically anything you like
✅ Add unlimited HTML widgets
✅ Determine the position of which the HTML widget should display with drag and drop
✅ Enable and disable the visibility of the HTML widget (toggle on/off) 
✅ A HTML parser will check your code for errors, minimising the risk of breaking things

You can find this HTML widget in Control > Configuration > Homepage (click Add HTML widget button in the top right corner).

Be careful: The (mis)use of HTML can break your community layout, functionalities and behaviour if not applied correctly. We recommend inviting a professional web developer to work with CSS and to test and try any changes on your staging environment first before applying them to your production community

Here are some examples of widgets that can be created with HTML:

Full-width banner


Sign up form


We hope you like the powerful possibilities of the HTML widget and can’t wait to see some great executions on your communities. Questions, suggestions, ideas? Drop us a line below :point_down:

2 replies

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Hey Community! I’m wondering what kind of custom HTML you would advise me to use on this homepage:


I’m curious what your takes might be on this! 



Great new feature guys! Cool, we provide our customers with more flexibility to personalize the community while they can still make use of a lot of out of the box functionalities :) :muscle_tone1: