📈 Analytics dashboards major change is now live - get more info and find out what's next!

  • 13 December 2019
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💡 Dashboard data is now more intuitive

We’re happy to confirm that we’ve successfully released the previously-announced change to the way the dashboards process data to all of your community dashboards. Broadly speaking, this means the dashboards now reflect the current state of the community data (e.g. by taking into account moderator actions).


⚡️ Our dashboard documentation has levelled up too!

We’ve also upgraded our analytics dashboard documentation to be a lot more detailed and precise - this new documentation is now the go-to documentation if you have any questions about how certain metrics work on the analytics dashboards. We also added some tooltips directly in the dashboards themselves, giving you a quick reference when you just need a reminder about how a particular metric is calculated.


🗓️️ If you need more time to adjust to the changes, you can opt-out until January 3rd 2020

We understand that you might need more time to adapt to the changes - we can still offer you the option to revert the change to the dashboards (for a period lasting up until Friday 3rd January 2020) via an opt-out (just contact support@insided.com!). This is only in case you’ve decided you need more time to review the changes that we’ve deployed. After Friday 3rd January 2020, all customers will be moved to the new way of processing data in the dashboards.


🎁 The ability to save your filters is coming, so you can complete your weekly/monthly reporting quicker!

  • Several of you have mentioned that you find it tedious to have to set the same old filters every week/month when you want to get data from the dashboards.
  • To save you time, we’re going to add the ability to save (and reapply) your favourite filters in the dashboards.
  • We aim to release this in the upcoming weeks.


🛠️ We’re still making some final tweaks & fixes

  • We’ve identified the following last improvements to make in the dashboards, and we’re currently taking action to resolve them:
    • [Done] % Members with at least 1 post: this metric is not behaving as expected.

    • [Done] Total members: we will ensure that this only shows current members of the community in all cases (excluding banned/deleted/not activated/not approved members).

    • Content helpfulness votes: we will adapt these metrics to take into account the current state of the topic.

    • Average response time: we will exclude (moved) replies that predate the original topic.

    • Average answer time per category (shown on the category details view on the Content Dashboard): we will change the unit of this metric to hours instead of minutes, to align with the avg. response time.

Note: these changes will impact all customers (the ‘opt-out’ mentioned above is only for the change related to metrics showing the current state of the community).

If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in the replies 🙂!

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Update: we’ve made the following metrics more reliable:

  • % Members with at least 1 post: this metric is not behaving as expected.

  • Total members

Here a description of how these metrics work (copied from our new dashboard documentation):


Metric Description Extra Details
# Total members The all-time total number of users on your community.

Excludes banned/deleted users, as well as users who have not activated their account (via email), and users who have not been approved (if registration approval feature is active).

Includes all other user roles.

This metric is not affected by any other filters.


% members with at least one post The % of members who created at least one post (topic/reply) in the selected time period, against the current all-time number of members. Calculation: (‘# Members with at least 1 post’ divided by ‘Total Members’).