What are the latest community books you have read

  • 12 October 2021
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What community books to you have on your reading list or have read that you would recommend to community managers here. Or have you read any good research papers on community that you would like to share.

A couple books on my reading list:

  • People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams
  • Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force
  • Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities


4 replies

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  • Get Together - Richardson et, al

Some others I’ve read before and gone back to:

  • People Powered - Bacon
  • The Business of Belonging - Spinks
  • Building Brand Communities - Jones & Vogel

These non-community ones have also been helpful product-related reminders:

  • Sense & Respond - Gothelf and Seiden
  • Continuous Discovery Habits - Torres
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I will check out:

  • Sense & Respond - Gothelf and Seiden
  • Continuous Discovery Habits - Torres

Thanks for sharing!

I second everything mentioned above, and would add: 

  • Rich Millington’s books - Buzzing Communities, the Indispensable Community and Build Your Community
  • Dare To Lead - Brene Brown

@Andrew.Lapidus You might be interested in some of these? Think we should order one? 🍎