Using Insided with a Customer Advocacy Platform

  • 10 March 2020
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Is anyone using Insided with another customer advocacy program?

We’ve used Influitive in the past, and that might be overkill for what we’re thinking. Just wondering if anyone is using a customer advocacy program where members are recognized for activities they take on the Insided community. 

Thanks for sharing!

2 replies

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This question was posted a while ago but I’m hoping there are more inSided customers in here now that may have experience building a customer advocacy program that’s integrated with inSided. Anyone?

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Hi Erin, 

thanks for giving this a bump and bringing it to our attention!

We already have spoken about this in on of our recent calls, so some information might not be new to you but I want it to be documented here for others to enjoy. I personally see that there are two aspects when it comes to the integration of an advocacy program with your community:

Technical integrations

When it comes to this part, I do not know of any concrete examples myself, unfortunately. But I could see some valuable integrations which could either send information (e.g. advocate post activity) from inSided to an external tool, or the other way around it could invite users and handle permissions on inSided once a new advocate has been added to an external system. This could be achieved with tools like Zapier, or directly with the API and Webhooks.


I do think that there are many ways to generate value on your community together with your advocates. Think about promoted or co-created content on the community, where best practices and success stories are shared with other users to increase adoption and other key metrics. 

I think @Casstastr0phee might be able to share some insights here too, as we have been collaborating on this subject in the past.