The hidden Pioneer of every community - secrets of the elusive Wouter user

  • 11 March 2021
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Behind every community, there always has to be someone who gets things started. But what you may not know, is that even you are not the first User in your Community. In actual fact, it’s impossible because Wouter takes that honour instead. That might not be the @Wouter you know either… But a very similar one… But where did they come from? And why are they a Pioneer?

Some say that this Wouter watches over every Community, and that if a certain someone hadn’t thrown in an Easter Egg or two into the software, the Wouter user might not exist at all… All we know is… He’s called Wouter-1.

But what does this mysterious Wouter do, and why is the inSided platform so attached to this strange user, that one cannot simply delete it? That is a mystery that may never be solved. For those who attempt to seek the truth, either return empty handed… Or not return at all. Tales of old speak of a golden dragon with the power of being immortal, while others say it is a legendary fox that lives in an office. But the elusive Wouter is extremely wise and has never been seen by mere mortals...

Legend has it that many a community manager attempted to seek an audience with this Wouter, only to be instead hunted down and captured by the evil Count @Julian and trapped in his castle forevermore. A place so well guarded and unreachable, that even the legendary King @daniel.boon and Sir @Kenneth of the inSpired realm dare not approach for fear of being captured by this most unruly creature. Only those who are true pioneers have ever had the courage to complete such a quest. And only a legend called Tom is said to have ever managed to do so… It is unknown as to who this Thomas person is, for the scrolls were lost to the sands of time eons ago. And only a few scraps remain from an attempt made by Prince Daniel of inSided… We do not speak his name no more...

Rumour has it that the mysterious Wouter bestows good fortune and luck to those whom manage to seek audience with it. But that the perils are so great that failure to complete such quests results in certain and impending doom for all failed adventurers. Even to this day, there remain whispers that @OVOdarran fell into such a fate and has never been seen since… And that his community was left to @timcavey as Darran’s lifelong friend and most trusted of trustworthy allies… To this day, Tim still walks these shores, looking for clues and never giving up hope of being reunited… Oh, and Hiya Tim!

And for those who seek to discover the legend of Wouter, I offer thee a word of caution. One should proceed with great caution after all, but should the quest be complete, the rewards are infinite. But if you discover this Wouter and speak its name, a binding curse will force a stumble, which may cause your castle to crumble…

The only way is onwards my friend, there is no turning back… Seek the truth and find the sight, lest you wish to lose the light...

4 replies

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I strangely love this story :heart_eyes:

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Hah, really cool. And yes, who is that strange Wouter :joy:

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Woah! News about that post must have spread like wildfire around the office then, if it managed to reach a certain co-founder, eh @Robin ? Where’ve you been hiding for the last two years:rofl:

Also Robin… Would I be right in assuming that you hid these Easter Eggs with a certain… Friend of yours?

I think you’ve been rumbled! :innocent:

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It seems that I’ve been caught out by my own curse… :open_mouth:

I had an amazing reply that I was cooking up, but then the evil spam filter gobbled it up and now it’s vanished. I guess I’ll have to wait for a knight in shining armour to rescue it from the moderation queue. I’m certain that the spam filter hates me, but I completely forgot about it because I’m so used to being able to bypass it. I’ll keep the content of it a secret for now though.

Still, it’s a pleasure to meet you @Robin ! I should have included you in that story. Maybe next time I might… :innocent: