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  • 16 September 2016
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Dear Community,

We are glad to be in the team that is empowered to build an inSided community, together with all of you. Hereby we would like to introduce ourselves, and hope to read more about you too!

I am Denise and I'm part of the inSided family since 2010. Right now I am in the Marketing department, but before I was a Consultant for five years and got to work many great customers and their communities like NS, T-Mobile and Eneco. For me this community is a great opportunity to stay in touch with all of you. Within inSided I will be responsible for making this community succesful and making sure we're all aligned and involved in this community.

95 replies

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Hi everyone! I'm Kenneth and am responsible for Digital Care at Sonos (I'm also ex-KPN and TomTom). Really awesome to see this community take shape!
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Hi all!
I'm Wieger, part of the Product Team at inSided as a Solutions Consultant since the start of 2015. In this role I have already had the pleasure to work together with a lot of you guys on your communities, something I really love about this job! I am also heavily involved in conversations with new clients and exploring concepts for inSided, always trying to think of the best suitable solutions for the desired business goals. I try to take in as much information I can from all parties and funnel that all back into our team in order to keep innovating and improving our platform. As you can imagine we are really happy to see this inSpired community take off!
In my personal life I love to play all different sports, go to the beach and play with my 17 months old daughter Kate. Originally I am from Tilburg in the South of the Netherlands and lived there for 18 years. To do my studies I moved a little North and lived in Delft for 8 years, then I moved again a liiiittle more North to work and live in Amsterdam for 7 years. Currently I moved again a tiny liiitle more North and bought a house in Overveen next to Haarlem and the beach! 🆒 This is the most North I plan and dare to go for now, so I will probably stay put for a while (so you know where to find me :$)
I am also happy to respond to topics, questions or even private messages regarding almost everything, so don't hesitate to reach out!
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Despite what Robin and Wouter are saying, basically we're the founders of InSided :-)
January 19th in 2009 we launched the T-Mobile Forum. In that time InSided was called Pocketinfo and had 2FTE and a dog.
Check this historic piece of evidence: http://www.pocketinfo.nl/t-mobile-lanceert-eigen-forum-11789/

But, alle gekheid op een little stick, this was and still is one of the greatest professional journeys I've been on. With a lot of failing, learning struggle and adapting we've built one of the biggest corporate communities in the Netherlands.
The T-Mobile Forum was a game changer for T-Mobile. It was the start for all social activities, the start of more transparency and a change in attitude towards customers. It changed the way Corporate Comms was working/communicating and how marketing designed propositions, We had to change procedures, policies, work-instructions and the moderators showed a new way of customer service.

Communities make it possible for all corporate employees to have direct customer contact, and they should! These employees will become improved versions of themselves. In the end, they will create a better company.

The future is bright guys!! Keep up the good work!
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Hi there, very happy to introduce myself!

I am the CTO of inSided. Together with Robin van Lieshout I started inSided about six years ago because we know that a community is essential for a brand's endurance, relevance and engagement with their customers. Obviously I am extremely happy that we have this community to share our thoughts, best practices and other news together. Looking forward to a vibrant community and engagement with all of you!
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Hey guys! I'm Pierre, Digital Care Team Lead at Sonos. Thanks for last Innovation Lab, things seems to be in a really good shape and amazing to finally be able to discuss here with other 'Community folks'!
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Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while but figured it was time to pop in and introduce myself. I've been working with the Sonos community for several years now doing customer support and maintaining the peace. I guess you'd say I specialize at getting yelled at and not getting upset.

I'm from Santa Barbara, California and do see the sun from time to time, not just the walls of my internet cave 🙂 Though I do lots of dwelling while gaming, reading and writing.

See you all around, and I look forward to some good discussion.
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Hi I am Alia, one of the Product Owners at inSided. I am part of the product team, working closely with our community consultants and development team. I have been with inSided almost 2 years already. Looking forward to meet everyone!
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Hi all! I'm Jolien, community manager of Tele2 Netherlands. I'm looking forward to learning from you guys on this platform. I'm a community manager for some years now and working at Tele2 since February 2016.

Lived in Utrecht and Rotterdam, studied in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Now settled in Gouda with my boyfriend and 1- year old son.

Talk to you soon!
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Hello to you all!

My name is Hugo and since 3 weeks I work in the consultancy team @ inSided. Most of you have got to know me as the community manager of Telfort/Hi/KPN, which I've been doing since 2009.

In my community management role I focused on testing and research of new products, services and communication with the community as a driver of engagement and sense of community, while also creating business value. It created an incentive to use the community over all the other possible ways to communicate with the company.

I concluded my journey at KPN last month with a fun super user event here in Amsterdam, this is the aftermovie:

If you have any questions or challenges I might be able to help you with, please share.

It was awesome meeting a lot of you at the inSpired event yesterday, hope you had a great and inspiring day/night. 🆒
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Piyush all the way from Pune, India. I'm one of the English Community moderators for TomTom. I joined TomTom in 2013 and started working as Community Moderator for past 8 months, so basically a rookie in moderation! :D

Big fan of Chelsea FC, Tarantino and Metallica! \m/

I'm very much excited to be the part of this and look forward to being involved in here.
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Hi guys,

I'm Lisanne, the community manager of BookSpotters. BookSpotters is a slightly different community than most ones, since it's not a customer service community but based on advice and sales. Of books that is, we are all about books! (So for everyone who reads books, come talk about it!) We just launched in december, so we're very excited about what the future will bring :)

Looking forward to finding inspiration and tips here!
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Hi everyone!

I'm Claire and I lead the Community team for Coursera - an online platform for courses from some of the world's best universities.

I'm originally from the UK but I now live in San Francisco and work out of the Mountain View Coursera office in Silicon Valley.

In my past life I've done a variety of things. I was a science teacher for a few years, had a handmade jewelry business for a few years and did some freelance blogging and recipe/food photography.

I created my first online community over 10 years ago (a WoW Guild) long before I knew it was a valid career path but I've been a professional Community Manager since 2013.

I've been working on community at Coursera for almost 3 years now. We currently have a few contributor communities but we think a site-wide community around the various subjects we offer courses in is going to be much more impactful in supporting our learners and our business.

We currently use a forums tool that was built in-house and is veeeeery limited so I'm really excited to get our communities switched over to inSided and start growing!

Also excited to meet you all and learn from you, hopefully I can help some of you in some way as well.
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Hi everyone!

It's great to see see so many introductions! I'm Marine and I'm part of the consultancy team at inSided. I'm originally from France but grew up in Asia, I moved to Holland to complete a Master's degree and joined inSided right after. I started over a year ago and I'm still loving it!

One of my favourite things about communities is working on understanding the motivations of users and their levels of engagement. Social identity theory, hooks model, social motivations .... you name it and I'm in to discuss it! :D

I look forward to building this community together with all of you!
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Hi folks!
I'm Ditte, I'm originally from Denmark, but haven't lived there since 2007. After two short stints in Swizerland and Ireland, we moved to the Netherlands in 2009.
I started working at TomTom in 2010, and in 2011 I was hired by Kenneth (now at Sonos) to run the EN community. I've lead the TomTom Community team since 2013, and as we've grown a bit since then, I now have a multilingual team with members in both India and Poland. From a community perspective, we're mainly focusing on customer support and internal reporting based on customer feedback.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming. I've been a casual/dedicated WoW gamer for over a decade and absolutely love the social aspect of gaming communities. (We're not all a bunch of antisocial nerds 😉 ) If I'm not playing WoW, there's a rich chance it'll be another blizzard game, like Diablo3 or Hearthstone that has my attention. If I absolutely have to be real life social, I enjoy a good (dark) beer, and some good company to go with it. 😃

Hope to meet you guys soon! :)

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Hi all, good to see this great initiative! I'm Lourens and have been working with customer communities as a part of an online engagement strategy since 2011. In the past with our former Brand Hi and now with KPN. Currently i'm the team lead of the fantastic KPN team in Amsterdam. We just migrated our KPN consumer and Business community to Insided. I hope to see you all at the upcoming event in December!
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Hi everyone,

My name is Mathis, I live in Berlin, Germany, and am the Help Community Manager at SoundCloud, Ltd.

We've moved our old forum from GetSatisfaction to inSided last year, I was the project lead for the migration then, and am now managing and moderating the new Help Community.

I'm already seeing tons of super interesting topics around here and am looking forward to some great interactions.

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Hi there!

My name is Stéphan and I just created an account on this community.

Today I started as interim community manager @ Eneco. My goal is to bring the community to a higher level. So expect some questions here 🙂.

I work as a freelance digital professional, with a background of 10 years IT and around 9 years Microsoft, where I was worked as digital manager. I was responsible for building the social platforms from the ground up for Microsoft The Netherlands. Now (since 2017) I help companies with their social or content strategy, communities or employee advocacy. Check me on LinkedIn or on http://stephanlam.nl.

By the way, I'm from Rotterdam. I play basketball and Ultimate Frisbee and I'm a serie and movie addict. I like to make photos and put them online. I love technology & social and you can subscribe to my weekly 'knowledge letter' (in Dutch) #voorjougelezen.

Looking forward to meet you!

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Hey! I'm Joris, as VP Product owning the vision of the product and the roadmap, together with great colleagues from the Product management, Support and Solution consultant teams. I started about six years ago at inSided as a community consultant, but found out along the way that I love to work on the intersection between business, technology and UX as a Product manager. Before I joined inSided I build my own community around TV shows.

I really enjoy to talk and read about community management, social psychology and social business. And also like to keep up with the latest technologies, I do some coding projects in the weekend 🙂 So I hope to join the conversation about subjects like that on the inSpired community!
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Time for me to jump in! 🙂 I'm Robin, Chief Entertainment Officer at inSided. Started with Wouter six years ago, but have been running communities for ages. I'm online since 1995, build my first site when you still needed to upload HTML files for every new post. Grew a community around consumer electronics to 0 to 5 million unique visitors a month and learned the community game.

Now helping the coolest brands in the world to empower their customers. Seen many of you luckily face to face! :)

Oh yeah -- living in Amsterdam, with my girlfriend & 2 year old son. And we're expecting a new boy in a couple of weeks :8
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Hi inSpired members!

I am Daniel, community consultant at inSided. I have had the chance of meeting many of you during our implementation workshops, strategy meetings and random visit that I make to clients ;)
I am originally from Colombia, but came already 9 years ago to Amsterdam for love and study and have been over a year working at inSided. I am a true believer in the power of communities to bring people together and to deliver a valuable business case to companies of all kinds.
Let's discuss further and get inSpired together!
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Hi everybody!

I'm Hidde and I am a creative strategist at Social Inc. Ik work for some amazing brands and help them creating stories which build their brands.

Today I'll be hosting a session together with Martine from inSided where we will talk about storytelling and brand publishing. Should be great, so be sure to tune in.

If not, no worries. You can reach out to me anytime!
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Hi all,
My name is Redouan, 43 years old and living in Brussels, Belgium. I work for BASE Mobile (Telenet group), and being part of the Webcare team, I’m a moderator on the BASE Community (as from December 2015).

Being the geek in our team, you can count on me for all new technologies, smartphones, games, innovations, programs.
I’m also interested in traveling, music, games, philosophy, culture, psychology, cooking.

Looking forward to participate in this new experience, to be inspired and to inspire others also.
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Hi All!

I am Maria and I am working with the Deezer Community: en.deezercommunity.com/
We just launched last week! I am a community manager and trying to get some traffic to the community and activate users!

Hope I can learn a lot from you about communities!

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I'm Jürgen and I've been working for TomTom since 14 years. I only recently took on the Community Manager role. But I've been active on our forum since quite a while now.

Originally I'm from Germany but I moved to Amsterdam where I have a rich choice of art museums not just in Amsterdam itself but also in cities like Rotterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Leiden and many more. My original education is in photography. And, of course, I cycle the little 10 kilometres to work. 🙂
Hi everyone! I'm Ysabel and I'll be working on Digital Marketing to generate leads and improve inbound traffic. I'm very excited to be here 🙌🏼