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  • 16 September 2016
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Hi all!

Nice to read all the intro’s and great that the community is getting in shape.

My name is Joël Pattij and work as Project Manager at inSided. Started at inSided on the 1st of November 2015 and still enjoying my time here. I hope the community will give me insights, ideas and opportunities to improve the way we work and build communities.

And the event yesterday was great! It was nice to see so many familiair faces and get inspired.

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Hello to you all!

My name is Hugo and since 3 weeks I work in the consultancy team @ inSided. Most of you have got to know me as the community manager of Telfort/Hi/KPN, which I've been doing since 2009.

In my community management role I focused on testing and research of new products, services and communication with the community as a driver of engagement and sense of community, while also creating business value. It created an incentive to use the community over all the other possible ways to communicate with the company.

I concluded my journey at KPN last month with a fun super user event here in Amsterdam, this is the aftermovie:

If you have any questions or challenges I might be able to help you with, please share.

It was awesome meeting a lot of you at the inSpired event yesterday, hope you had a great and inspiring day/night. 🆒
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Despite what Robin and Wouter are saying, basically we're the founders of InSided :-)
January 19th in 2009 we launched the T-Mobile Forum. In that time InSided was called Pocketinfo and had 2FTE and a dog.
Check this historic piece of evidence: http://www.pocketinfo.nl/t-mobile-lanceert-eigen-forum-11789/

But, alle gekheid op een little stick, this was and still is one of the greatest professional journeys I've been on. With a lot of failing, learning struggle and adapting we've built one of the biggest corporate communities in the Netherlands.
The T-Mobile Forum was a game changer for T-Mobile. It was the start for all social activities, the start of more transparency and a change in attitude towards customers. It changed the way Corporate Comms was working/communicating and how marketing designed propositions, We had to change procedures, policies, work-instructions and the moderators showed a new way of customer service.

Communities make it possible for all corporate employees to have direct customer contact, and they should! These employees will become improved versions of themselves. In the end, they will create a better company.

The future is bright guys!! Keep up the good work!
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Hi all,
I'm Henri Villebrun from Brussels at Proximus. Working in the SDT (Strategic Digital Transformation) department, I'm in charge of the post sales relationship with our customer to support them via Social Media, via our community, via chat, ... and all coming modern and requested channel by our customer.
Any feedback on our selfservice supportive video are welcome : www.proximus.be/video
Today we are thinking about BOTS implementation, our CHAT served by a community and why not the same community of our Proximus' Insided Community.
My main challenges in 2017 will be to help the company to move from a "Call deflation" thinking to a "contact optimization" to sustain the best customer journey as much as possible.
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Hi everyone,

I'm Darran and I'm the Social Media Ops Manager at OVO Energy in the UK. I have a Digital Customer Service background spanning, CS Social, Live Chat, User Reviews, and will be the new Community Manager for our OVO Customer Forum due to launch in February 2017!!

We're all very excited about it and look forward to learning and sharing with you all in this fantastic space!

I am hoping I can reach out to the community to get help and advice to help us on our way!!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi all,
great job introducing this community. My name is Allart Veentjer and i'm community manager for KPN. In 2010 I was part of the team that introduced social media at KPN. In 2013 I joined the community team. My main focus is on customer loyalty (superusers), analytics and content(marketing). I’m looking forward to get to know you guys, on- or offline, great to share knowledge and talk about new community insights.
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Hi all,

What a great way to share knowledge, tips and insights!

My name is Angela Gaasbeek and i'm community manager for Simyo (KPN Brand) since June of this year. However, i'm not new to Insided or communities. In 2012 I started as a moderator for Hi (former KPN Brand). I've continued my moderator journey at Simyo since 2015.

I'm excited to be here in my new(ish) role and can't wait to learn from all your experiences. I'm looking forward to get to know you and share our insights and successes with each other .
Hi guys,

My name is Hrvoje and I'm your new client working for Vipnet (part of Telekom Austria group).

Working as a Community Expert for a while previosly onboard with Lithium but from this month we switch to your community solution.

Great to meet you all and to be a part of this community - but want to ask where is your IDEA BOX cause i need to suggest several solutions for your community cause some things/widgets doesn't make sense.

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Welcome to all the new members, good to see you here at inSpired.

@Ruud, thanks for sharing some history on inSided, good times ;-)

@Hrvoje, welcome onboard inSided! We invite everyone to post all ideas regarding the platform in the Platform Technology Board. We are curious to see your ideas!
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Hello, everyone!

I'm Jurgen. I'm one of the community managers at Telfort (KPN). I've been working for Telfort since april. Previously, I was active as a knowledge manager for KPN Corporate Market.

My main focus as a sr. community manager is on HR, community strategy and special projects. My colleague Daphne, also community manager, is focused on daily operations, analytics and superusers (but she should introduce herself :$). I'm really proud of our small but strong team of 3 moderators.

Right now, the Telfort Community is being redesigned by Insided for responsiveness. It's an exciting process 🙂
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Hi guys!

My name is Lucy and I work at OVO Energy as a Social Resolution Specialist. I will become a Moderator when we launch our Community Forum next year and I'm really looking forward to being part of this inSided Community to find out more about how it all works.

Cheers 🙂
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Hi Guys,

I am the lucky bastard who could tag along on the great professional journey of Ruud & InSided and helped build the T-Mobile community, alsmost from scratch. That is probably were I earned my nickname forummother 😉 I joined T-Mobile not long after the launch. Together with the InSided team, Denise and the forumteam we passed many milestones, like 50.000, 100.000 and 200.000 members, 5 years T-Mobile & InSided, created so called "klant experts" program, launched T-Mobile experts (colleagues with expertise share knowledge @ T-Mobile forum), integrated the T-Mobile forum in our other digital channels (like app & web) and also had outages, iPhone launches. I feel like a very lucky bastard. All these milestones shaped me to the community manager I am today! Best job EVER!

Nowadays I support the forumteam with motherly advice when they need it! Because the forumteam is so mature, I have a lot of free time on my hands to experiment on community area within T-Mobile and build connections between society, (not)customers, colleagues and T-Mobile. That brought me to many new journeys. Currently I am building a Future Lab community where we connect with start-ups/entrepeneurs with great ideas, stimulate colleagues to share their knowledge with these entrepeneurs and play with new(est) technology and thereby prepare them for the skillset they need in 2020.

Hopefully we will keep on sharing our journeys, like we did the last years!
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Hi everybody,

My name is Bart and I am part of the consultancy team as a social business consultant. With 10+ years’ experience in digital marketing, my mission is to make digital as human and relevant as possible. And of course communities are a perfect way to inject the social aspect into your business!

In my daily work at inSided I try to help you with the long term strategy and embedding of the community in your digital ecosystem and organization. All to create success for your business.

Nice to meet you all! 😉
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Piyush all the way from Pune, India. I'm one of the English Community moderators for TomTom. I joined TomTom in 2013 and started working as Community Moderator for past 8 months, so basically a rookie in moderation! :D

Big fan of Chelsea FC, Tarantino and Metallica! \m/

I'm very much excited to be the part of this and look forward to being involved in here.
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Hello, I am Christoph. I joined inSided one month ago as a Product Director. My team is focussing on delivering the best community platform. Expect us to post updates about the product roadmap and vision on the community.

I am from Belgium, but have been living in Amsterdam for more then 5 years. I love crossfit, traveling and good food.

I am looking forward to interact with all of you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you would have any questions for the product team.
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Hi everyone,

My name is Mathis, I live in Berlin, Germany, and am the Help Community Manager at SoundCloud, Ltd.

We've moved our old forum from GetSatisfaction to inSided last year, I was the project lead for the migration then, and am now managing and moderating the new Help Community.

I'm already seeing tons of super interesting topics around here and am looking forward to some great interactions.

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Hi all,

great to read all the introductions and to see the inSided community shaping up as a source of knowledge and inspiration!

My name is Martijn and I've been at inSided for 3 years now, I am currently heading up our US expansion efforts of which I will share a little more on this community next week.

My previous role was all about expanding inSided into the European market, great to read all the stories about all the communities that we've launched across Europe in the past 2 years :)

Really looking forward to read all the great stories on this community about new launches, community success and best practices and I'll try to contribute whenever I can!
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Hi all,

My name is Yoann, I'm 37 years old and I'm from French. I live in Brussels, Belgium, and I'm a Community moderator for BASE (mobile services). Our Community is 1,5 year old and I'm always up to learn more about managing and moderating. Let's get inspired !
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Hi all,
My name is Redouan, 43 years old and living in Brussels, Belgium. I work for BASE Mobile (Telenet group), and being part of the Webcare team, I’m a moderator on the BASE Community (as from December 2015).

Being the geek in our team, you can count on me for all new technologies, smartphones, games, innovations, programs.
I’m also interested in traveling, music, games, philosophy, culture, psychology, cooking.

Looking forward to participate in this new experience, to be inspired and to inspire others also.
Hello all,

I've joined inSided as a Product Owner in February and already diving deep into the community. I work closely with a cross functional squad and deliver value to our moderators and developers.

Previously, I've worked in product management for DevOps and Web CMS tools after many years of being a developer myself. My passion is in technology, product and people.

I hope to engage with our users to build a great product and future.

Hi everyone!

My name is Anatole and I work out of the NYC office for inSided. I've been with the company for a few months in a sales role and love it!

A little about me: I'm a big soccer fan (all sports really), I play guitar and love traveling. Favorite team is Manchester United, favorite guitar player is Clapton, and the coolest place I've been is Kyoto, Japan. I look forward to meeting everyone both online and hopefully face to face as well!
Hi all,

Nice to read all your cool content and hope to learn a lot what everybody is doing with the Platform of inSided.

I started 1.5 months ago as the sales director for Benelux & Nordics. My mission is to turn your customers conversations into value! I hope I can deliver value to all our new customers.

If anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to reach out!

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Hi everyone!

I joined inSided a couple of weeks ago as a Product Owner. It’s great to see how many of you are active on here sharing your ideas and feedback.

I’m originally from England - I moved to Amsterdam just under a month ago.

I'll be quite active on inSpired, posting updates about new features, responding to ideation requests, and contributing to any discussions about the product.

Looking forward to working closely with all of you and hearing your thoughts and ideas for the future of our product 😄.
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Hi All!

I am Maria and I am working with the Deezer Community: en.deezercommunity.com/
We just launched last week! I am a community manager and trying to get some traffic to the community and activate users!

Hope I can learn a lot from you about communities!

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Hey there. I'm Riina and working as a Community Manager for a Finnish Telco Elisa. I'm responsible for our online community palsta.elisa.fi and social media customer care. I've already found several great ideas to vote & comment on this forum and it was also great to meet many of you this week in Amsterdam at the Innovation Lab and Inspired Event. 🙂

Previously I've been working 10+ years for game & entertainment industry companies and startups in various social media, customer care, content production and community roles. On my free time I enjoy playing MMO games, reading, scouting, skiing (only in winter...), traveling, doing voluntary work for children's helpline and chat and I am also a crazy cat lady mama of 3 small furry friends. I live with my husband in the Helsinki capital area in southern coast of Finland. If you're ever around, happy to show you the city or give tips what to see & do 😃