Measuring the Impact of Digital CS

  • 13 September 2021
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Measuring the Impact of Digital CS

In our previous two roundups, we’ve discussed how and why Digital CS is important. Naturally next, we want to share ways to measure its impact. 


:alarm_clock: The goal of a digital strategy should be to enable customers to get their jobs done with minimum friction. In this guest postÂngela Guedes, Head of Customer Success at Belvo, gives us the low-down on Digital Customer Success and when (and why) you should mix tech-touch with high-touch.


:straight_ruler: Digital Customer Success is all about data. Your ability to succeed will be determined by your ability to leverage your customer data in a scalable manner. Find out how in Reach, effect, ROI: Measuring the impact of your digital-led Customer Success program.


:bar_chart: Making sense of data isn't an easy task for any manager, but how do you choose the most important metrics, what sort of KPIs should a company that has 70,000 customers be looking at, and how to stay on top of all that data? These are just some of the important questions covered in this podcast when our VP of Customer Success Anika Zubair, talks to Pat Phelan, Chief Customer Officer at GoCardless.


:eyes:  Now that we’ve focused on how to measure the impact of your Digital CS program, it’s also important to keep an eye on the future. In this report: What’s Next for Customer Success? inSided and Planhat surveyed 150+ Customer Success professionals to get a better grasp on how the industry utilizes technology, data, and metrics. 

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