Interesting Idea RE: Onboarding

  • 22 September 2020
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Nice idea from Coursera and shared on the Feverbee blog

Set Goals and Add To Calendar - When members join, invite them to set a goal for themselves. It can be to visit on [x] number of days. Or it can be to achieve a certain rank, learn a specific skill, or read a set number of articles.

2 replies

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Wow that's an amazing idea, thanks a lot for sharing this here!

Would be interesting to learn afterwards if they now know more about the products etc. and how they felt about achieving that goal. Then you could promote setting these goals based on the results. Something like: "85% of users who completed this challenge feel they can generate more value by using the product

I could also imagine creating some custom Badges for users that have achieved some really cool goals...

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Hello @aluciani and @Julian from one of Coursera’s Community Managers!

Haha … thanks for sharing this great idea, inspired by my own company’s product feature :laughing: and thanks for sharing the Feverbee link – I hadn’t seen it yet.