I miss seeing posts on the InSided home page

  • 4 February 2022
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Hey gang, 

Can we have the latest posts feed back on the home page for community.insided.com? I really miss that being the first thing I see when I come here!

2 replies

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Heya @Michael_S !

That’s a good one actually. The current state of the new page is part of an open beta and there’s still a few rough edges at the moment. @Marion Frecaut seems to be leading that, so I’ll see if she’s around. :)

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Heya! :) Thanks for sharing your feedback, it’s important for us to hear that!

We also had some discussions around this internally, of course. The good news right-away: You can expect the activity stream to make a return to our homepage soon. :smile:

While we want the homepage to serve as a main navigation tool, that also highlights plenty of areas which are not user-generated content (e.g. our product updates), we do understand that the lack of such an activity stream on the homepage is weakening the “community feel”

To be transparent here, the main reasons we currently do not display this feed are:

  • Space: The widget takes in a lot of space, which decreases the options to display important areas and make them easy to access. Ideally, we can limit the length of this widget in the future to be more flexible.
  • Filtering: We currently cannot filter the activity stream to only show content from e.g. Ideation. The homepage should have an unfiltered stream, the community overview should only show community activity. Without filtering we feel like we duplicate the information on both pages. Showing the same stream on both pages would result in the homepage undermining the community overview pages added value.

As Blastoise pointed out correctly, this is just the beginning and the very first iteration of the new vision, which consequently will be improved over time. E.g. we are working on a set of new widgets which will be implemented and previewed here very soon.

Rest assured I will keep an eye on this specific subject to ensure that we have a good plan to bring back the stream on the homepage as well!