Gainsight x inSided Community geekout at Pulse Europe 2022

  • 14 October 2022
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Our v own, inSpired Mr. @Alistair FIeld and I will be at London, next month taking the Pulse-Eu stage to share exciting Community programs we’ve been spinning up at Gainsight.

40m of strategy, tactics and takeaways on what makes and tick, around:

  • Product Innovation
  • Community-led events
  • Customer Success inspiration
  • Product experience best practices

and what it takes to continually drive an overall ‘Customer-centered’ culture within the org, conducive to have a Community thrive.

Sure, we’ll have some slides but more as conversation starters… 

What questions come to your mind around the above bullet points? Let us know in comments below.

Oh, and btw...the Pulse convo continues off-stage and round the year at the All About Pulse sub-community.

2 replies

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Only 2 days to go until Pulse Europe 2022!


For all attendees there is so much going on, but do not forget @anirbandutta and I will be presenting on Thursday morning!

That said, over the two days we would welcome all who are present to come and say hi. 

Check out the wider agenda here.

Make sure to keep an eye on the digital social channels suggested here.

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@Remco and @Robin kicking off the Community track at #PulseEU22