Fórum NOS - Happy Birthday!!! (1 year old!)

  • 7 December 2017
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Hello everyone! ☺

Today, our community celebrates its first anniversary! 🍾🍻🥂

Time flies and I can´t believe that this post made by my colleague Hugo already has one year!

Our aim is still the same: “to empower clients, and bring us closer to them, by being the more relevant, rich, fast and simple online help channel to solve questions and share experiences”.

Let me present to you our latest number, that makes our team very proud of:

What else can we say?
  • Now, more than 50% of our traffic is coming from mobile devices;
  • Our moderation team have edited more than 1 500 titles;
  • There are more than 11 500 tags;
  • On October and November we estimate around 60k call deflected.

What have we done to celebrate this special date?

  • We have sent personalized private messages to our most active users;
  • Also, sent SMS to all internal Customer Care staff;
  • Published an article on our Intranet;
  • Started a small Ad Words campaign;
  • We will launch an exclusive contest to award 5 users;
  • We are planning an event to bring our top-10 users to our offices in January

(translation: Happy Birthday Fórum NOS)

One big important note: we have not yet communicated it! Our communication plan will be launched on January (let´s pray for that!!!!) 🙌

What do you think guys? Do you have any kind of best practice or suggestion to us?

Feel free to visit our community at forum.nos.pt or in person at our offices in Lisbon, where the sun always shine 😎☀

Tomas & NOS Team

@verafranco @Hugo Fraga Ferreira @Patricia A. @Tiago C. @Carolina V.

And a special thanks for all the Insided guys that are always ready to help us!! (sorry if I forgot anyone!)
@ErikD @Shane @Maryam @Lotte Cohen @Justin Roussel @Yoeri @Julian @daniel.boon

8 replies

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Congratulations Tomas and the rest of team NOS!

Those are some great numbers, hard to believe it's only been one year.

Thanks for sharing this and the actions / communications you done to celebrate. Great opportunity to get the community on top of the minds of your colleagues and get new users in.
Yeah!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Such a challenging and rewarding project to be a part of! And a bigger daily discovery and tool to be closer to our clients!

What a great year!

Let the celebrations begin!
Parabéns! 🍾

What a great achievement already after 1 year and really looking forward to the results when you are supported by your communication dept.

Enjoy this festive day!
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Wow, amazing numbers, a great achievement! Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks for sharing it here with us! :)

Celebrating these kind of events is not just nice for you and the team, but it actually is very important for developing a culture in your community. I am sure your users will like it.

I personally really like the idea with the combined images in the featured topics - I predict that we will (hopefully) see more of these things in the future on other communities as well.

An idea: Create a funny, short video with you and the team celebrating the anniversary. Make crazy things in the office or do something unexpected. Users always like to look "behind the curtain" and get to know the faces behind the company.
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@Julian , we have a birthday cake and balloons! We took some photos to share and the video is something that we hope to do today!

Thanks for the tip!
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Great to hear that, have fun celebrating! 😃
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Congratulations, Tomas! Great achievements in your first year 😃
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Congratulation @tomasmouton to you and the team!!!!

Fantastic first year by the looks of those numbers!

We are working on plans to celebrate our 1 year birthday, so we are inspired by your plans and how you have celebrated so far!

Great work!