How can you use the embeddable widget in Zendesk?

  • 29 April 2021
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Our organization uses Zendesk for support and for our knowledgebase (Zendesk Guide). We are leveraging the federated search and ticket escalation integrations between inSided and Zendesk.


We have another use case for an integration that I am hoping will be possible. We want our support reps to share relevant community content in tickets whenever possible. Rather than having the support team search our community separately from Zendesk when they’re working on a ticket, I thought it would be great to add the inSided embeddable widget directly to our Zendesk agent portal. My idea is that the embeddable widget would live directly on the page where the support agent is working on a ticket. Based on the information in that ticket, relevant community posts would populate in the embeddable widget, recommending content for the support rep to link within the ticket to help the customer.


Is anyone doing this successfully? I would appreciate guidance from someone on how to set this up in Zendesk. Our Zendesk admin tried for a bit using some of inSided’s resources but was unsuccessful.


Thank you!


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6 replies

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Hey @adam.ballhaussen - Just wanted to see if you ever figured this out? It’s something that we’d be interested in doing as well. 

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Unfortunately, this is where you’ll probably hit more pesky snags I’m afraid.

While it’s pretty common that you can customise the front-end stuff fairly easily and with a fair amount of flexibility, Zendesk is yet another platform where the back-end stuff is pretty heavily locked down and you can’t do much with it. I couldn’t find any references in the documentation that suggest third-party widgets can be added to the Agent Portal. :sweat:

I don’t have any kind of moderator or agent level access to basically anything, so I’m limited to what I can gather from public sources. While I haven’t found anything so far, I’ll keep looking just in case. If I do find something that might help, I’ll let you know.

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Hey @tiffany.oda, I still haven’t found a solution for this. It’s something we’re still really interested in but we haven’t made any progress.


@Blastoise186 thanks for the insight! That’s what we’ve found as well. I’m hopeful we can come up with a solution at some point. Until then, we’re simply left with encouraging our support agents to search the community in a new tab when they receive tickets.

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Hi @adam.ballhaussen,

Did you have any luck here? Also running into the same issue.



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@Ilan B no luck at this point, but we’re evaluating Coveo to build a case deflection experience on our ticket submission page in Zendesk, and I’m hoping we can use that same component on the support agent side once it’s built. We’re still probably a few quarters from finalizing this but I’ll do my best to remember to update this thread if we’re ever successful!

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As we are evaluating and updating our Zendesk, I found this article intriguing as we are looking to accomplish a federated search from Zendesk as well.

The goal being that customers can get to all the relevant platforms to other useful platforms as needed (with Zendesk specifically, ticket deflection and increase self service)

Is there any update to this? is it possible to use the API?