Zapier: How to automatically register a community event attendee for a webinar

  • 22 June 2020
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You can use our Zapier app in combination with the Events module to deliver a great signup UX to your customers and boost the social proof of your events with public attendee lists → all with minimal admin and busywork for yourself.

This is powered by the New Attendee trigger in our Zapier app, which lets you set up workflows with event tools like GoToWebinar, Zoom, LivestormEventbrite, and more!

Here’s a quick example of how to set up a Zap that automatically registers a community event attendee for a webinar.

How to set up GoToWebinar x inSided event attendee integration

  1. For the first ‘when this happens’ step, choose the app ‘inSided’, and select the New Attendee trigger.
  2. For the second ‘do this’ step, choose the app ‘GoToWebinar’ and select the Find Webinar in GoToWebinar action.
    • Use either the start time or the title of the webinar from step 1 to find the webinar.

      Some Zapier apps can be a bit picky with the formatting of date/time fields. If your Zap isn’t working, try formatting the date using Zapier’s ‘Formatter’ app.

  3. For the third and final ‘do this’ step, choose the app ‘GoToWebinar’ and select the Create Registrant in GoToWebinar action.
    • Use the previous search step as input.
    • Add ‘community’ as the Source.
    • Add First Name / Last Name
      • If you’re using custom profile fields on inSided, use the names you’ve collected from users during signup.
      • If you’re not using custom profile fields on inSided, then we suggest using the username as the First name, and adding “(Community Member)” as the Last name.
    • Add Email using the email from the inSided New Attendee Trigger.

Enable the Zap and you should be good to go! Now your inSided event attendees will be automatically registered in GoToWebinar!

Similar Zaps can be set up with Zoom, LivestormEventbrite.

For reference, here’s an example of the payload we send across. It includes all essential user and event details:

userid: 121
username: batman
eventId: 8
eventTitle: Sprint Review #11
eventStartDatetime: 2020-06-02T13:30:00+00:00
eventTimezone: Europe/Amsterdam
First Name: Wayne
Date of birth: 1963-02-19T00:00:00+0100
Place of origin: Gotham City


1 reply

Hi Daniel, I am having problems getting to my First Name and Last Name fields in inSided from your Section 3 above. I don’t have a source of Community, just my first step from the New Attendee Trigger. This doesn’t have the first name/last name fields I need, just the email. Have I missed a setup?