How to Set Up Skilljar Federated Search

  • 22 January 2021
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Using our federated search integration with Skilljar allows your community members to simultaneously search through your community content AND your skilljar courses. Providing all valuable information in a single place.

This guide will walk you through the Skilljar integration set up and how to activate federated search. 

How To Set Up a Federated Search Integration With Skilljar

You must be logged in as community manager or Administrator to set up an integration between Skilljar and the inSided platform.

  1. Generate an API token in the Skilljar Dashboard
  2. Go to Control → Integrations → Apps → Skilljar
  3. Enter your API Token and subdomain and hit ‘Install’. Wait for the confirmation banner. The integration is now set up.
  4. Enable the ‘Federated search’ toggle and wait for the confirmation banner. Federated search is set up.
  5. Visit your community and validate if Skilljar courses show up by trying some search queries.

Change the “Skilljar” label in the live-search dropdown directly in the community or in Control → Customization → Phrases. Edit or Add the following phrase: Module Forum, key

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