How to Install the Zendesk x inSided Integrations

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Our Zendesk integrations can help you increase self-service rates with federated search, get customers faster 1-on-1 help by escalating tickets, and insights about the adoption of the community as a self-service channel with our ticket import and self-service dashboard

This tutorial explains how to install the Zendesk app on inSided, after which you can configure the individual Zendesk integrations.

How To Install the Zendesk App on inSided

Please make sure that:

  • [inSided Control] You are logged in as a community manager or administrator, in order to connect a Zendesk Support account with the inSided platform.
  • [Zendesk Support] You are  logged in as an administrator, in order to generate an API token.

Steps to install the Zendesk app on inSided

  1. Generate an API token in the Zendesk Admin interface.
  2. Go to Control → Integrations → Apps → Zendesk.
  3. Enter your Zendesk API token, your Zendesk Support subdomain, and the email of one of your Zendesk agents/administrators and hit ‘Install’.
  4. Nice work! You’re now ready to configure and set up the Zendesk integrations.

Guides on how to set up the individual Zendesk integrations:


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