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  • 16 March 2022
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Is there a way I can use “New Idea Vote” as a trigger in Zapier?
I can do “New Topic Like” and Topic type = Idea, but then I can’t find my ideation area in the “Category” area.


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@Ilan B If I understand correctly you are talking about a webhook when you say trigger, and hence you can subscribe to idea upvote it seems based on the API documentation… (At least in the EU) search for “Idea Voted”.

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Thanks @SmartlyGreg,

I’ll admit that webhooks are a bit more advanced than what I currently know, however, it appears you’d have to create a webhook for every idea thats being voted on. 

My use case, is that I’m trying to add all the voted on information to another platform, so I want that whenever a vote happens, a field somewhere else gets updated.


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@Ilan B I think this is what you are looking for indeed. The example content is what you receive at each upvote. Although you might need to include the unvotes too, or use the Merged which seems to provide the total for each idea.

You might want to look into something like Zapier if you’re implementing this yourself, if not the documentation I linked to as I understand confirms it is possible, and how.

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Hi Ilan,

This seems like it should be doable with a Zapier trigger as below. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work as I expected, I’ve asked engineering to take a look. Hopefully we can provide a fix in the future.


In the meantime, a webhook would indeed be the way to go. These can trigger Zaps as well. Please reach out to your CSM if you’d like some help getting these set up.


Hi @bas , any news about adding the new ideation module to Zapier as a category to set up the trigger?

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Hi @Marina Perminova ,

No updates from engineering to share unfortunately.