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How To Configure Product Areas

  • 21 August 2020
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[Product areas are only available for Business and Enterprise customers]

Product areas are used to communicate which product type, version, or model is discussed. Product areas behave the same as public tags and are optional to add, however product areas can only be added to Ideas and Product update topics.


How To Configure Product Areas

Note: This article is only relevant for customers who have access to the newest ideation module. If you do not have access to the ideation module this article does not apply to you. Interested in the new the new ideation module. Learn more here

  1. Log in to Control as a Community Manager or admin role
  2. Go to Control → Settings → Product Areas
  3. Click ‘Add product area’, add a name, and hit Save changes.
  4. You’re done. Your new product area can now be selected when creating/editing a product update.
Product areas management in Control

Need to update a product area? No problem - just go to the same page, press Edit, choose your new name, and save the changes. This will update all existing product updates which have this product area assigned. 


Make Product areas visible in Destination:


Think of enabling the visibility of the Product area filter on the Product updates and Ideation overview page in destination, via the customization mode. That way users can filter on product areas. 

4 replies

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Can you also determine the order of the product areas yourself?
Now it's in alphabetical order, which doesn't make sense for our customers … 



Hi there,

Is it possible to make the Product Area field required and not optional when submitting an idea?

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@Marina Perminova Not yet, but please vote for this idea to add that capability


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Any answer for whether we can order the Product Areas how we want versus alphabetical?