Profile Field Tabs

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Are you able to create new tabs in the profile section? For example, “Getting to know you” “Advocacy”, “Areas of Interest” etc. so it’s not so overwhelming having all the questions in the same area 


Also - I am a new customer, but I don’t have access to the product idea section, could I be added?

Hi @bnitke 👋,

I’ve just given you access to our ideation section. Let me know if you can still not access.

Just to confirm are you referring to adding tabs to the profile page? For instance adding tabs for different sections underneath Badges:



It’s currently not possible but I will convert this to an idea once you confirm that I’ve understood it correctly. 😁

Hi @Oliver Marriott - yep, correct! If you could convert to an idea that would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your support! 

Hi @bnitke, thanks for your idea! I’ll move it to Open for it to gather more votes, context and examples to help us better understand how to address this in the future.