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We moved our Product Updates process to the Community so that our Community could be the central location for our customers to learn about our products. Before our community, we would send out a PDF of our Release Notes to our customers directly via email. We now create multiple postings under Product Updates so that users could subscribe and better interact with the content by filtering posts by products that they have purchased or by searching.

However, we are getting feedback from users that they REALLY miss the PDF. They want to be able to download a PDF for their records--or often times they are used to downloading a PDF, editing it, and sharing it with their teams. They really want a PDF to be attached to the posts. 

I noticed that you can attached files to most posting types--as a admin/moderator. It’s not a permissions thing--It’s just that product updates specifically doesn’t allow for file attachments. I would love to see taht option added so that we can meet our customer’s needs.

Hi @Chelsea Roberts, thank you for submitting this idea! Indeed, currently attachments are not supported an product updates, but it is definitely a functionality we want to add. I am opening it up for votes to help us with the prioritisation of this improvement. 

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Hi @Cristina ,
we also urgently need this function. When can we expect the implementation here? Is the function already in release?

Best regards, Cathleen

Hi @Cathleen! Unfortunately I’m not able to give any timelines around delivering this functionality, due to high priority technical work our team is busy with at the moment. Supporting attachments on product updates remains a high priority though and I will share more details about the implementation planning as soon as possible. 

We use a category rather than the product updates functionality as those support attachments.

Hello @Cristina

do you have any updates on when this functionality will be delivered?
We really need to add attachments to product updates.

Inserting images is not sufficient and other workarounds do not work/are not feasible (inserting link to attachment in non-public article/using external platform for hosting files)

Thanks 🌼

Hi @Cristina,

we need this functionality as well.  
Also the workaround of switching the content type (article → Product Update) which works in other areas of the product doesn’t work here. :( 


Hi all - @Lena H. @Chelsea Roberts @Eva and @Cathleen - good news, attachments on PU on destination is scheduled for the next month. It is already implemented in the control environment and will be available for all communities hopefully somewhere in the next month too. Thank you for hanging on with us on this one!! 

Hi @Manon 

when will it be possible to attach pdfs to product updates? We need this urgently.


Hi @Eva - the team is working on it this sprint, so hopefully in the next 2 weeks

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