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How to add an unsubscribe link to your notification emails

  • 8 July 2021
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Now that we have released a handy url to unsubscribe from certain email notifications with one click, your can offer your users a much better experience with your notification emails.

However, I feel that many Community Managers find it a challenge to update their notification emails, as they don’t know how to update those. I also do not have a lot of coding experience, however I can show you how to update those within a few mintues with no coding knowledge required. This is why I wrote this guide. :slight_smile:


Tip: If you do something like this for the first time, we recommend to test the updated template first on the staging environment. This way you can make sure no end user will receive a broken notification.


First let’s have a look which notifications support this feature, and where to find them:


Overview of notifications supported

In order to locate the notifications listed below, you simply have to go to the Email-page in your Control environment, and then go to System Emails. The url looks something like this: https://YOURDOMAIN/email/system-emails


@ mention

User is being mentioned in a topic

New topic

There is a new topic in the category a user subscribed to

New reply

There is a new reply to a topic that a user subscribed to

Private message

User received a new private message

Topic answered

There is an answer to the question that a user subscribed to

Is your problem solved?

Ask end users to mark best answer

New product update

A new product update is published


Getting the current template

On this page, you will see a list of notifcations. Simply click on Edit for the notification you’d like to change, and you will see the preview on the left side with the HTML code on the right:



Simply copy the code you see on the right, so we can edit it in the next step.


Editing the template

Now let’s go to an HTML editor which will make it much more easier for us to edit the current template. There are many different free editors on the internet, I personally prefer HTMLG as they offer a really simple interface.

On the right side, simply paste the code into the field (and replace the dummy code offered by the website). You will then be able to live edit the template in the left window:



Finding the right location

Ideally, your template already has some text (usually somewhere at the bottom) that you can replace. Regardless if this is the case or not, you can simply use the left window just how you use Word or Google Docs. Simply try adding or replacing the text where you think it fits best.


Tip: Most (if not all) of these templates consist of tables, to give the notification a good structure and layout. Bare that in mind in case you see weird behaviour.


Below you can see an example of how I have replaced the text. Only one thing is crucial here: You need to add the following variable as a hyperlink, the platform will automatically replace it with the correct url for the individual user:




Updating the notification

Once you have done that, you can simply paste the code from the right window back into the code field from where you copied it from. I’d always recommend to test the notifications afterwards, just to make sure there are no layout issues or that the link is working.



Category: Forum



Use phrases to customise the messages users see when they unsubscribe.

Questions, challenges, feedback

In case you got lost or too frustrated trying to get your template updated, just let me know! I am surely not an HTML wizard myself, but I really don’t mind looking and doing my best to help you with this.

Also, if you have any feedback for us about this (or other guides which you’d like to see), just let me know as well! :)




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Hi @Julian 


Potential stupid question alert:


What’s the difference in terms of an outcome, is there between what you’ve outlined above what’s been explained here:



How to add one-click unsubscribe links to your system emails


  1. Log in to Control as an Administrator/Community Manager.
  2. Navigate to Email > System Emails.
  3. For the following email templates (@mention; New topic; New reply; Private message; Topic answered; Is your problem solved): include the new {unsubscribe_url} variable as a link for end users to click on, e.g.: <a href="{unsubscribe_url}">Unsubscribe</a>
  4. Make sure you press ‘Save changes’ to update each email template as you go along.



I found adding that code really easy: <a href="{unsubscribe_url}">Unsubscribe</a>