Why are KB articles displayed so small in the feed?

  • 20 May 2020
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This is random, but KB articles are tiny compared to regular activity. What gives?




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As far as I know the list design for Knowledge Base content has less information per tile to make it easier to scan, also the content within a Knowledge Base has a different character than community content.

In Community categories, users expect to see meta information like last activity, it also should help to motivate them to become active within an open question, discussion or idea.

In Knowledge Base categories, visitors are expecting different (FAQ-type) content. The purpose of content here is not aimed at stimulating user activity. Not for no reason we recommend articles to be the content type of choice for these categories - they are more aimed to send information than to trigger discussions etc. Hence there is much less reason to display the amount of comments/likes.

In consequence, if you are browsing this category without the community context, it feels like you are browsing a FAQ section of the company website, which gives the content also more "credibility” as officially approved information.

Hope I was able to explain it a bit. Of course, if you want to share more thoughts or questions around it, we would happy to hear that. :)