Why are all sports emojis male?

  • 18 December 2019
  • 2 replies

As I was just decorating a topic about skiing with some emojis, I realized all sports emojis on the insided platform are male…..

As it's almost 2020 I would like to know: Why? 

And: can you make this more inclusive?

Thanks! :smile:


2 replies

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Hi Tessel,

now that is a good question! :)

I am not sure as to why this is the way it is, probably these ones did not come in different genders with the tool we have integrated and it was not noticed by us. But that is just my first assumption, in each case I cannot imagine this was not done intentionally… I will check with the team and get back to you on this, thanks for letting us know!

Thanks Julian :smile: