Who is active in the specific category?

  • 11 May 2022
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Hi there,

I wonder if there’s a way to see who is active in the specific category? It’s like the connection of the User and Content dashboards, you know 🤔


Our use case: we have Developer Forum, and now the DevRel team need to find active posters in that category.

1 reply

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Hi Marina apologies for the delayed reply here - but in order to do this you would need to set up a custom tracking event (via third party code). This user information would be available in the inSidedData object in each page and would give you information about the specific user logged in and what pages they were browsing, for example here is my user information when i’m on this page:

You could then in theory capture all of your required information from this object and then transmit it via a call to an external analytics source e.g Google Analytics as a custom tracking event. Its a use case that quite a few other customers also achieve via this way too, with just a little bit of technical investment it should meet your requirements here 😄