User Profile Fields: What's the Difference between dropdown and list?

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi Community!

This one should be simple.

I am about to tweak my registration page. I want to add the question: “How did you find our Community?” and fill in a handful of pre-set options. 

In essence, I would like to know the difference between “Multi select dropdown” and “Multi select list”. Thanks!




Best answer by Oliver Marriott 15 November 2021, 13:58

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2 replies

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Hey @Daniele :v:,


I’ll share with you a few screenshots of our sandbox environment to show you the difference between the two:


As you can see the multi select list is made up of checkboxes, where multiple can of course be selected.

The multi select dropdown provides users with a set of values that are added like so:


These display on the user profile page in the same way so it only really depends on the UX that you prefer:


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Nice! Very helpful answer.
Thank you so much @Oliver Marriott 

I’ll definitely use “multi list” for this one.