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  • 12 November 2021
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Thought leadership, Product Marketing and many programs would be driven by Blogging.

Any plans to offer Blogs (per forum/category)?

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Hi, @anirbandutta. I’m curious as to the Insided team’s response, but thought I’d share my experience. 

With two communities now, I have used the Product Updates module for blogging use cases. We’ve just renamed the module from Product Updates to something else, as well as customizing some of the phrases. 

The UX of the Product Updates module is effectively a blog. 

Current downsides: 

  • The filter option is only available for Product Areas, which are the same as the Product Areas used for Ideation. Thus, if you want to have a blog filter for different post types, it would need to match your product areas for Ideation. 
  •  The subscribe button is for the whole Product Updates module, not a certain category (product area) of post. However, I think I saw somewhere in a road map update that they may be working on enabling users to subscribe to updates by Product Area. 


  • UX is like a blog: most recent posts at the top (reverse chronological), blog-like image and text previews in the feed, header image with content below it, etc. 
  • Much better blogging feature than the Knowledge Base.
    • The Knowledge Base module is not intended to be a blog, so you have to drag and drop the order of all your articles, which is quite cumbersome as your content grows. 
    • No ability to subscribe to the KB category
    • Article previews in the KB layout is less blog-like
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Hi @ddpancratz that you so much for detailing out the usage Of Product Updates.

So for my usecase, I’d like 3 themes of blogging on the Community:

  1. The Product updates for PMs to share Product stuff
  2. Best practices for CSMs to be able to share
  3. Community tips: Like the TuesdayTip, WednesdayWisdom… etc kind of posts for me to share as the Cmgr.

These would live in their respective forums and suitably grouped/curated in the Community.

Have you come across e.g. of Insided communities with this being done?

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I wish Insided should build Blog feature. This is because blog (article) should differ from the discussion just by look and feel. Editorial content is totally different than discussion so there should be no situations that member/visitor doesn´t understand what he/she is reading.