Unable to mark best answer in topic moved from conversation to question

  • 1 July 2020
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Hi - I have a topic created as a conversation that I have changed to a question, but I still can’t mark a reply as best answer. That seems like a bug? Here’s the topic in question:

Is there a delay in the functionality after conversion? Or do converted conversations not get that question functionality after converted?

2 replies

Hi there, I’m having the same problem.

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@perinbox  - Sorry for delay. Update on the best answer issue. For us, the post was converted to an article at some point. Once you move it to an article (for use in our KB for example), you can’t move it back to a question, so you lose that “best answer” functionality. Kind of a bummer. We’ve got an idea going with the platform to change that functionality, but it’s probably not a common use case.