Tracking UTMs for events

  • 17 September 2021
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When we run events we often advertise externally or have campaigns which utilize UTM parameters appended to the URLs to track campaign attribution like source, medium, campaign, term, or content.

Today we have our events setup in inSided and RSVPs to an event trigger a Zapier zap to run that uses the New Attendee in inSided trigger and an action to Create Webinar Registrant in Zoom. This works pretty well (though I wish it didn’t require the Zapier part in the middle).

When this happens is it possible to capture the UTM values somehow when registration happens?

If not, what’s the best way to track campaign attribution between the external source and other tools?

4 replies

@Scott Baldwin did you ever find a way to carry over the UTMs? My marketing opps person and I are having a similar conversation. Thank you 

I did not @alison.mancinelli 😭

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@Scott Baldwin and @alison.mancinelli this might send you in the right direction for some UTM related things. However, it doesn’t solve your question about capturing UTMs for event registrants. 



If you add some steps to your Zap to use an API call to get the detail for that topic/event, it seems the API call returns an SEO URL that can be work with UTMs

Thanks @ddpancratz - will explore