The Community is finally going live with a hybrid event facilitated in part by the community, what do you think?

  • 28 April 2022
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After a few months of setting up InSided and inviting our customers to the platform we are finally opening up to a wider audience and kicking things off with an event: Sofa Summit is a social advertising event, much like the theme of our community which will take place today 28th April at 3pm ET, with a live part in NYC.

Event registration.

The Community.

The online event consists of a live stream and a live chat much like most events; but we’ve created a community group tied to the event, and all content posted on the community group will show on the event page in live allowing people to take part in the conversations and topics of the event. 

Want to take a look and give us feedback on our InSided setup as a whole or our hybrid event/ community group? Please reply with your input or questions!


PS: Special thank you to @Vishwas Katti @Kenneth @Oliver Marriott  @matt enbar @Social Orshi   @timcavey @Scott Baldwin @Gabolino @Blastoise186 @ddpancratz @adam.ballhaussen and many more I forgot, but also many more not on this community so I’ll skip! Your support has been amazing and a solid representation of what a community can be and what we aspire to reproduce for our users and the wider social advertising community. 

5 replies

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Wow I’m really enjoying checking out the community, @SmartlyGreg


What a fantastic way to signal the launch of the community with this huge event!


The modules are fantastic: Discussion Forum, Industry News, KB, Groups. Each with a clear purpose and place


Plus the SSO options you have are great.


Best of luck for this week and beyond! 



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Amazing stuff @SmartlyGreg and @Social Orshi - congratulations on the wider launch, and great work on the live event integration.  Your community is awesome!  :-D 

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Great work setting up the awesome community @SmartlyGreg and @Social Orshi - Congrats on the wider launch! Super excited to see the Smartly community grow 🙂

Nice work on the new community @SmartlyGreg 

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Nice to hear the launch went well @SmartlyGreg ! You can be sure we’ll all be around if you get stuck again with anything, but I’ll be coming to you when Tim (inevitably) breaks more CSS with his experiments. :)