Tables: How to add rows or columns to an existing table?

  • 10 November 2020
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In control, it looks like it is not possible to add new rows or columns to an existing table without using HTML. In the frontend I can use the tab key on my keyboard to add a new row, in control this doesn’t work. I also can’t find a way to “grab” the existing table and open the context menu again to increase the numbers. 

How can I edit an existing table without either having to create a new one with the desired number of rows and columns or doing it directly within the source?

2 replies

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Hi Bjoern,

thanks for sharing this here with us! Just to be clear and avoid confusion:

You have copied a table from somewhere else into the editor in control, and now you cannot add more rows or columns to it, right?

I have the suspicion that it could be related to the source where the table is copied from. This is based on the experience that I sometimes make when e.g. copying a table from Google Sheets vs. copying it from a Google Doc.

I quickly tested it by copying something from a Google Doc, and I was able to get the context menu for my table with a right-click:


In this case, adding a new column or row via the tab button did also not work for me however. I’d have to verify if this is expected behaviour or not. Could you specify which browser you are using and which program / website the source of the table is?

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Hi Julian, thanks for the follow-up! In your screenshot I found the solution: I didn’t know that there is a hidden context menu for tables that I can activate using right-click. I simply didn’t expect that for this specific function the right-click context menu from my browser is being “hijacked” in order to show the table formatting instead.

(To answer your question: No, it wasn’t about importing tables, I created them from scratch.)

Regarding the “tab” issue: When the table is inside the text body, adding new rows via “Tab” works, but when the table is nested in a spoiler, then it doesn’t work.