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  • 13 December 2019
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We would like to embed social media postings (e.g. tweets, facebook statuses) into the body / text editor. The platforms usually offer an embedding code (HTML, iframes) that is supposed to be pasted into the editor field. With the current editor this seems not to be possible.

Do you know a way to make it possible for us? Using screenshots isn’t really a valid option for us, as it would be a bad UX to not be able to interact with the social media posting (like, see original, and so on).


2 replies

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Hey Bjoern,

thanks for sharing this interesting challenge here! I think it would be good if we could support this natively within the editor (e.g. embed a facebook post or tweet functionality).

Until something like this is possible, I think a third-party script could help you further that: if e.g. a twitter url is detected in the opening post, it displays the tweet accordingly. Here an example how @Koen Sterken did it on the infoland community in order to embed external page content: Link

Of course I am not experienced in coding, however I thought you might can re-use some of this for your own use case...

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Thanks for the tipp! Even though the script is great, unfortunately it (or a version of it) can’t do the task we’re thinking about, as you can only display a full website. We don’t see a way to automatically identify the needed part (the posting itself, without all the other stuff around) and to only show it (while also staying GDPR compliant, as scraping a full website also uses all the scripts and trackers).