Session timeout and cookie banner frequency

  • 24 July 2021
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We're seeing the default cookies banner display pretty regularly, and haven’t customized it at all yet. Related, it seems like default session length is shorter than I’d expect. I feel like I’m regularly logging back in, and in other apps I used day to day my session persists for much longer if seems.


What have others customized for your session timeout period and/or cookie banner frequency?




3 replies

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Hi @Chris Anderson .

This sounds to me as if either you’re wiping out cookies in your browser on a regular basis, such as when you quit the browser or you’re blocking cookies somehow. You might want to check your browser settings just in case.

For me, I set my preference on inSpired today in a clean browser and the preference has been set to persist for one year from today, which seems about right to me for a Cookie Banner to not be too annoying but also to allow occasional check-ins.

inSided also automatically logs you out when you quit the browser and this is actually a good thing for security purposes. The session remains active indefinitely while your web browser remains open, but is destroyed upon exist because the cookies which are used to keep your session alive are set to expire upon closing the browser. This can’t be changed as far as I’m aware but I can definitely say that it’s way less annoying than vBulletin in a default state where you get booted out after just 15 minutes of inactivity!

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Thanks @Blastoise186! Something is not working as expected with cookies for our team, but we’ll keep digging in. Re: session length, I submitted an inSided support ticket and was told the default is 48 hrs. (without a browser restart), but that we could extend session length to whatever we like. We might change to a week or so, we’ll see.

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Has anyone else seen this issue, where the cookies banner continues to display regularly? It displays for folks on my team multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day.