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Removing Admin User: what happens to their articles?

  • 10 August 2021
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I need to remove a former Admin as a user from our team, but before I do that, could you explain to me what happens to the content etc that she has posted in our Community? Will her posts/replies still be visible for our members to reference?


Best answer by Jeanie Lee 10 August 2021, 18:26

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Hi @bdavis!
If the admin user is demoted to "registered user", then they will not be part of the team anymore, but the user's content will still be displayed under their username. Similarly, if the user is banned.

If that account is removed completely (erased), then all the content posted by that user will be displayed as “published by Anonymous.”
I recommend demoting admin user accounts to "Registered user" and having the old team member  change her work email to a personal email on the account, if she still wants to be a member of the community. The company can even change her custom title to “Former employee.” For example, inSided uses, “Former inSider” 
There is an active community idea to allow Admins to change the author of a post below. If you think this feature would be helpful, please vote! This way, The old employee’s articles can be changed to a current employee. 


I hope this helps! If so, feel free to mark it as “best answer” 
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We handle this by creating a custom role of “former employee” and adding it to the gamification, so that it’s displayed by their name.