Onboarding process - no welcome message/notification on the forum page after sign up

  • 27 September 2018
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It's true that after the sign up user will receive an email notification on his mailbox, but what if the email goes to SPAM folder?

On the other hand, user should get a sort of welcome message on the platform which we could customize.

What do you think guys?

6 replies

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Hi @Kat ,

Writing this on my mobile.. so bear with me ;)

At the Consumentenbond forum we added a notification during the onboarding process the following way:

1) In control you have the possibility to setup a notification (private message and/or e-mail) when a member reaches a certain rank. We added a notification to the beginner rank (0 replies / 0 topics). This way every user that creates an account will receive a private message.

2) You have the option to select from which account the message is sent from (moderator / CM etc.). We opted out from using our own (personal) accounts, because receiving a private message 2 seconds after creating an account doesn't feel very personal 😉. Everyone knows this is a
automated process. We created an special moderator account called 'Consumentenbotje'. This little robot welcomes all users to the forum.

3) In the message we link to specific topic that will help people get started. We also let them know the robot is not smart enough (yet) to answer questions through PM.. so if users have questions the can open a topic or contact one of the moderators

This process works great for us... one drawback. There are users that become chatty with our bot 😉… thanking the bot and wishing him the best of luck becoming smarter in the future. One in a while you have to check the private message of ‘Consumentenbotje’ to answer a question.. something to take into account...

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Or do you mean a dedicated welcome page after signup? 🙂
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So my question was more about a welcome popup showing up after the sign up, so indeed it's like a dedicated welcome page for new users.
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What you could do is add a link to a welcome page or article to the 'Your account is successfully activated' phrase. Phrases are stored here: https://yourcommunity.insided.com/settings/translation/overview
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Hi Kat,

a bit late to the party but I also want to share my 2 cents. 🙂 The others have shared great stuff already, so I just wanted to point out how the process works in the case of the Huawei community:

As your community is not using a SSO login, but an "inSided" login that always requires a user to confirm via an email, a user would never be able to become active in case that email landed in the spam folder. The user would then see this while visiting the community:

Consequently, a user would also not be able to see any other welcome-message - as he/she is not a fully registered member yet.

So, if a user activates his account via the email to join the community, then I would assume that also the "welcome email" will arrive in the right inbox of a user. In this notification you should then highlight a number of topics and / or best practices to ensure a good start.

I also really like the suggestion from Jurgen though. That "your account has been activated" message only will be displayed to this group of users, so it is ideal to give someone helpful tips to become active on your community.



Hi! I am replying to this topic even though it’s an old one. We are using welcome messages for our users when they reach the ‘new’ rank (0 topics, 0 replies). But they don’t receive the messages anymore. I tried to reinstall it, but it didn’t work :confused:  I also tried to set it up with another account, but that also didn’t work. 

What can I do?